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    full coverage makeup routine

    Hi friends! I am sharing my full coverage makeup routine! My old makeup routine was blah. Ultimately, if I am going to spend time putting makeup on and spend the money buying it; I want to feel like it’s worth my time, money, and energy! I changed up a few steps of my typical routine and am so happy with how things have turned out. I finally feel like the efforts are yielding the results I was hoping for. I am a tired mama and have extremely dark circles. My main goal was to brighten, brighten, brighten. I wanted a glow that I have not seen in quite some time. Thanks to a Urban Decay’s Naked highlighter and Kat Von D’s contour kit I am finally feeling that glow I’ve been searching for!

    I have always been intrigued by the idea of contouring. But, I didn’t want to look like a doll or intensify my features so much that I didn’t look like myself. I think contouring can get pretty intense and once the makeup is off you’re left with a face that doesn’t look like the “fancy” one. I wanted to play up my natural features and make sure to create a glow about me that this tired mama hasn’t seen in a while! An Insta friend of mine posted about her contour kit from Kat Von D; it was the perfect addition to her makeup routine. After a couple years of wanting to dabble in the contour world, I finally felt like I could make the plunge. Sure enough, I love this palette! It is simple and to the point! Plays up my features and isn’t overwhelming to use.

    I hope you find this tutorial helpful and inspiring if you also feel that your makeup routine is blah. I have found some goodies that really help bring out that inner glow and adds a little daily confidence!

    Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to leave comment or ask questions!

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    The take me to Europe dress

    asos white dress

    This dress screams, “Take me to Europe!” This girl is so excited to roam the streets of Italy while wearing it! A friend from Instagram messaged me a while back and told me how she saw a dress while out shopping and thought it would be perfect for Italy. I, of course, loved it! But, didn’t love the $100 price tag. So, I did some research and found this little number for $45 on It was on sale at the time and just like my previous post a dress I found a while back. It has been tucked away for safe keeping; waiting to make its debut in Europe!

    The stitched florals and eyelet detailing is such a sweet feminine touch and the A-line fit is divine! Felt like this dress was the kind that would be worn in Italy and so I am planning on wearing this for a day of exploring. I love how it is so versatile. I plan to wear it more casually with my Pon sandals and a denim jacket if it gets chilly. But, it can easily be worn for something fancy!!! Throw on a pair of strappy sandals and a shall; completely changes the feel and look of this dress. Versatility is one of the ways I talk myself into a purchase. Well, if I can wear it this way and that way it’s much more justifiable. Right?

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    A special occasion

    date night

    Everyone deserves a fun and sassy look for a special occasion! Nick and I will be celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary while in Italy. This seemed like the perfect special occasion for a body hugging get up like this! I knew I wanted to go out with a bang for my outfit. I wanted something that felt sassy and a little bit extravagant. After all, how many anniversary’s will we be spending in Italy? This will probably be our only one! I happened upon this floral print bodycon dress and fell in love! I snagged it and have had it tucked away for the past few months. It has since sold out. But, I linked several similar options. This look is perfect for a date night or fancy evening event!

    I also found the perfect undergarment! I do not want to worry about whether what I am wearing is see through. Often times a piece of clothing might seem like it is okay. Yet, when you stand in the sun suddenly you’re putting on a show! With this in mind I always air on the side of caution. Free People makes a really nice fitted slip that is perfect for a bodycon dress such as this. Also, adds an extra lay of fabric; perfect for hiding any body imperfections- that we know we all have. I found mine at Nordstrom. However, it seems to no longer be available. So I did some research and found a couple options at //

    //Free People- Seamless Slip///Free People- Tea-length slip//

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