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    Fun gear makes working out so much more fun!


    zella workout top

    I have a love-hate relationship with working out. But, I certainly love it more when I feel cute in my gear. Prior to kids, it was so much easier. Now, I have to either work out while they nap (which means I get no down time to myself all day) or take them and go for a run/sit them in front of a show and workout at the gym. Sometimes easier said than done. Whether I am actually working out or just using these pieces as an athleisure look I love fun athletic gear!  The open back look is hot right now and I think it’s really fun! I’ve linked a few of my favorites; along with some other super cute pieces!


    Getting Intimate with Intimates

    (pictured above: Free People- Lindy Loo Convertable Underwire Bra)

    Okay, I am getting intimate and sharing some info on my intimates! Summer is approaching and we all need a quality strapless bra for those sleeveless tops and the oh so popular over the shoulder pieces. I never thought I needed quality bras. Being small chested; I felt it wasn’t important. This is not to say that I haven’t owned any in the past. But, I usually decide I am going to skimp in the bra arena and spend as little as possible since I don’t need much support. However, now that I am a mama of two and nursing(ed) both my babies; I am left with some flat pancakes that need as much lift and support as possible! There’s a new desire to own pretty bras. The aftermath of nursing just didn’t do me any favors (other than the obvious nourishment of my children).

    I am embarrassed to say that I have owned two strapless bras in my lifetime. I felt they were decent. Nothing too exciting but they did the trick. However, as I said earlier I am now interested in a little more and feel pretty when I have a pretty bra on. It helps with some inner confidence when you know you’re working with a couple of pancakes. LOL.

    A long time ago I had a bra fitting and I will never forget the lady saying, “You have shallow breasts” HAHA!!! While I wish I had full ones I am glad to know what I am equipped with. Knowing the kind of bra that best suits your body is crucial! A good bra can truly change the way an outfit lays, looks, and how your body feels! With that said, I have found that the best fitting brands for my body are Natori and DKNY.

    ANY WHO! I am sharing a couple new strapless bra’s that I have found fit wonderfully! Free People has the most beautiful lace strapless bra. The back is so pretty and one that I would feel confident wearing with a top that has a low cut back. (In the right setting of course) Will I wear it to the park for a play date with my boys? No. Would I wear it to show on a dinner date? Heck yes! There is a time and a place and this bra is just so pretty! The prettiest blush pink and so feminine. There is also a strap detail that sits underneath the bra strap- a fun addition! There is no padding; something I usually am not fond of. But this one is just too pretty and with the right top or dress will be the perfect touch!

    The other is Natori. It is padded and has a nice lace back. This one is a great classic and perfect neutral! Push up bras are not my favorite whatsoever. Neither of these bras are push-up. I’m just not a fan of the way push-up bras feel. But these two are quality bras and are worth a try if you are in the market!

    (pictured above: Natori- Feathers Convertable Strapless Bra)

    How to wear your lace bralette

    felina lace bralette

    Wondering how to wear your lace bralette? Lace bralettes are a great addition to an outfit. Lace bralettes add dimension and visual interest! Who wouldn’t want that?! I like wearing mine matchy-matchy or as a contrasting piece. Lace bralettes are also super feminine and I am a sucker for a feminine look!

    Ways I wear mine with:

    -A razorback top or dress

    -An over the shoulder sweater/top/sweatshirt

    -A wide neck top

    It’s a nice peekaboo look. I am not fond of a completely open back paired with one of these bralettes. The bralette should only be used as a peekaboo look. That is the rule I go by when styling it with different pieces.

    Here are a few ways to wear yours.




    Felina Ladies 2-pack bralette (Costco membership)//Nordstrom-Free People bralette//Target-Jezebel lace bralette//Macy’s- Jenni bralette


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