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    How to style a red dress

    Tis the season for a fabulous red dress; this week we’ll be going over a few ways to wear a red dress and for which occasions. This particular dress is a purchase from last year. I wore it to our Christmas eve dinner at my parents house. It was definitely an outfit that made a statement; sure loved it and felt so pretty wearing it!  It’s one of those pieces where I don’t mind that it’s a repeat. Such a sassy and festive dress! In fact, I hope to find reasons to repeat it. Ready? Let’s chat about these three looks and how you can style your red dress!

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    A few unique holiday gift ideas!

    unique gift ideas

    Unique Holiday gift Ideas

    A few unique gift ideas coming at ya, This month’s column in Alive Magazine is all about the gifts. I’ve compiled a list of five fun ideas ranging in price. It’s short and sweet. Perfect for keeping the options manageable and friendly to your budget! For the last few months, I’ve been jotting down ideas and compelled a small list of some awesome gift options! Or maybe you’ll love these ideas so much they’ll get added to your Christmas list! Continue reading…

    How to style a velvet midi skirt

    For this week’s edition of “How to Style” we’re talking a velvet midi skirt! The holiday’s are upon us and a velvet skirt is a great way to take part in the festivities! The length is classy, the velvet is sassy, and the versatility is so good! My particular skirt is a purchase from last year at Target. However, the midi skirt is still going strong and so is velvet.

    I hope this post helps you get creative with your skirt. Or if you’re on the fence of whether it’s a good purchase; I hope this post helps you step outside the box and try something new! I promise it’s so much fun. These weekly “How to Style” posts have even helped me step outside my own comfort zone; which I think is a good thing! Always good to challenge ourselves and change things up.

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