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    How to style a Kimono

    So many ways for how to style a kimono…Today we’re talking about four ways; from a beach cover-up to a lovely overlay for a dinner date. A kimono is especially great for the hot summer months because it adds a fun layer without adding too much weight. There are so many prints, lengths, and fun extras available in the world of kimono’s. But, for the most versatility I’d stick with a white. The most neutral option for layering over a swimsuit, tank, or dress. 

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    A white dress is a must have

    A white dress is one very important piece of clothing I make sure to have for spring and summer. It’s super versatile and a beautiful classic to have in your closet. My white dress is from three summers ago. It’s still going strong! Once you find one you love it can be worn time and time again! Or each year when spring/summer come around replace with a new dress! Either way, It’s a staple for your closet.

    I’m sure I’ve said this before, but versatility is one way I like to make sure a piece of clothing is a good purchase. With that said, let’s style a white dress three ways! I went browsing on my favorite retailers’ website, Nordstrom and found a simple white dress. One that isn’t too fancy or too casual. It’s right in that perfect middle ground; making it super wearable!

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    How to Style floral pants

    Summer is on the horizon; which means it’s time to rock a fun pair of floral pants! At least this year it does because, these bad boys are so cute! What’s more the pants can be worn with a matching top…a matchy-matchy set is my jam!! 

    Floral print pants can be a bit overwhelming. They might seem like a hard item to tackle when it comes to finding unique ways to wear. But, the most fun ways to wear are the unique ways! Even though I love a matching two piece outfit it’s most fun to mix styles! 

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