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    How to style boyfriend jeans

    hot to style boyfriend jeans

    How to style boyfriend jeans; hopefully this will always be a thing! I love a good pair of boyfriends jeans. I have been on the hunt FOREVER for a pair that aren’t too tight in my thighs. For some reason most boyfriend jeans are apparently meant for girls who don’t carry they’re weight in their lower half. Thankfully after years of trying and failing; I found a pair from ZARA  and all thanks to Millie and Main! (If you haven’t checked out the styling company; you gotta check em’ out!)

    These jeans are super comfy. Super soft. Super perfect! They’re relaxed and give the perfect care free vibe. Sizing; I went with a size 6. They’re definitely baggy. For a more fitted feel size down. So, with that let’s style these awesome jeans! 

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    How to style a jumpsuit

    how to style a jumpsuit

    How to style a jumpsuit for fall…The options are endless! Love how it can transition so well. Throw on a lightweight overlay and accessorize. You’re good to go!

    My jumpsuit is from American Eagle and is literally the softest thing ever! My exact jumpsuit is still available and on sale for under $30! This one is pretty casual. But, there are so many options out there! Jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere. They’re too much fun! So let’s keep em’ in style and wear through the Fall! Right?!

    The heat is still going strong in here in California. So, a lightweight jumpsuit is a great option for staying cool. Fall like shoes and accessories is how we’ll make it feel less summery!

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    How to pack smart

    How to pack smart! Especially when packing light! This is something I’ve been working on. When it comes to travel I’m known to over pack and under wear. Recently, I traveled to New York to visit a friend. I could have packed a large bag with ease!! But, opted to pack minimally and actually wear everything packed.

    With that said, this was a short four day trip. A carry on was sufficient for travel. Regardless of time spent away packing smart never hurts. I am notorious for a super heavy piece of luggage and needing to reconfigure my bag in order to not be over the weight restrictions for checked bags. Such a stressor! Gotta learn to pack smarter. haha! So, here we go! I’m sharing how I packed for my most recent trip. I wore 90% of what was packed and am so happy with how the outfits worked out.

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