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80 day obsession results

finding a new rhythmWell, the 80 day obsession results are in! These workouts are no joke; but in the best way possible! This program helped me to find a new rhythm and it’s a good one! I’ve gotten stronger with each day and have seen so much change in the past three months!

80 Day Obsession’s focus is on the abs and booty. However, the entire body is getting worked throughout the entire program! It resembles HIIT. I used to think I couldn’t get a great sweat in with at home fitness. Truly, I was wrong. There were days when the sweat was dripping off of my nose on to the ground. (kinda gross-but, totally worth it)! 

80 Day Obession Results-

finding a new rhythm

photos (from right to left) 1st-current. after finishing 80 day obssesion, 2nd-month two, 3rd-at start of 80 day obsession


I read a quote the other day, “Don’t let the fear of time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of you doing it. THE TIME WILL PASS ANYWAY; we might as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”

Literally, love this quote!! THE TIME WILL PASS ANYWAY! So, what is stopping me?!? Why am I not investing more in myself? Why are you not? Whatever the passion, dream, or desire is! I don’t want to waste any more time. I want to fight, push, work hard, and strive for more. Do you? 

How it all started:

I had started feeling really yucky. A downhill slope of just eating whatever I wanted, whenever, and in large quantities was taking place. Once I let go I have a really hard time reigning myself in. I am an all or nothing kind of gal. If I start my day making poor choices I figure why change now…I’m already in the “negative” might as well just call it a day and keep making poor choices.

I had gotten up to 146lb. My jeans barely buttoned. My hips were pulling at the seems of my jeans. The worst part was my rain coat that I had just bought in September and by March didn’t fit. I couldn’t zip it up. It was too tight in my hips.

I remember one night putting on my fuzzy pajama pants and telling Nick, my pajamas are too tight; thinking, I feel awful! I look awful! That was it…I was tired of feeling bad and wanted to make a change.

After four and a half years of working out in my home with Fitness Blender; it was time to make a change. I was bored; ready for something new. Ready for more! 

Why I started 80 Day Obsession:

A friend from college had become a BeachBody coach. She was sharing her workouts on Instagram and I was intrigued. There were plenty of times in the past where another BeachBody coach had reached out to me. But, I wasn’t ready and honestly I needed someone I felt I could trust. I knew Lani. We were in small group together and lived in the same house in college. I trusted that if she could do it and believed in it; I could to! So, I signed up!

My first month:

During the first month I did not stick to any sort of eating plan. We spent a great deal of time in Washington with family and I wasn’t in my element. I did my best to eat well. However, you can bet I enjoyed treats, wine, and my portion sizing wasn’t all that great.


Still! I lost a little over two pounds and a total of 8 inches. I’d say with my nutrition being what it was…that is amazing! plus, I could zip up my raincoat again!!! Huge win! This month was all about the non scale victories. (Measurements and photos are so important for fitness progress. It is NOT all about the scale. 

Second month:

We came home from our time in Washington and after feeling so good from just the workouts and keeping my nutrition pretty flexible; it was time to take it up a notch. The two biggest adjustments were cutting out all alcohol and most sugar. I cut all sugar from my coffee and the only “dessert” I aloted myself was dates with almond butter and unsweetened coconut (because, this girl loves dessert) I need something sweet at night! Lastly, I upped my veggie intake to 5-6 servings a day.


By the end of my second month I had gotten down to 140.8. I’m pretty much happy with sitting at around 140. If you’ve been around for while you know I tend to yo-yo with the scale, nutrition, and overall health. About a year and a half ago I got down to 135lb. I loved how “thin” I was…so silly! But, it wasn’t manageable. I still want to enjoy and indulge a little. So, I’ve given up that desire and thank goodness! That weight is not sustainable or a good match for my body. It’s what my mind thinks it wants. But, I know better.

Third month:

During the third month so much changed physically that had nothing to do with the scale! My muscle tone really started to develop. I started feeling soo strong! During this last month I brought back wine a few times and definitely indulged a bit more. Still, I stuck to a pretty strict diet of eating at home, lots of greens, only water, and little to no refined sugar. 


I ended 80 Day Obsession at 139.4. In the last month I lost 1.4lbs. But, honestly I could have cared less!! The scale is no longer an issue. I have muscles I thought weren’t attainable for me. Like, oh I’ll never have muscle tone in my quads because I just have thick legs. Or I can get a two pack but a six pack just isn’t in the cards for my body. I WAS WRONG! Sure, my legs don’t look like someone else’s who’ are beautifully toned, long, lean, and curvy. I just don’t have that body type. But, that doesn’t matter. For me and my life I am stronger and I am seeing results that once felt unattainable. 

Final Thoughts:

Once the 80 day obsession results were in I decided I LOVED it sooo much and believed in the method soo greatly that I became a coach! HAHA!! never in a million years would I have thought this would be the outcome. Seriously, I love fitness. But, I didn’t have a desire to try and get people on board for what I was doing.

But, now everything has changed…I have always had a sense of pride for the fact that being fit doesn’t have to come from a gym. But, now it is a new found pride. A sense of feeling strong and needing to share this feeling with others because it’s everything. Feeling good in your skin is a domino effect. It effects your mood, your thoughts, your actions.

The greatest part:

The greatest part to all of this is that I no longer care that my knees are chubby (one knee even look like Simba’s face. No joke! Nick, my family, and friends all agree. It’s the Simba that Rafiki draws on the tree. You know that part? haha! It’s crazy but so true! I’ll share on stories one of these days.)

The fact that my legs have cellulite/stretch marks don’t matter. I don’t care about hiding any of it because I am working hard. It has everything to do with the knowledge of that fact that I have invested in me, whole-heartedly. Regardless of the results. It’s a mind game for sure! Work hard and even if there’s extra pounds, stretch marks, or jiggle left over…the stress over it all washes away because I know I did my best. And that’s all we can do. We can only do our best and if we truly push and strive for ourselves the joy will come! The self love will come! Just decide to invest in you.

But, you know what…sometimes it is about the physical and I am pretty dang proud of the ab definition that I have worked hard to attain! So, a little shameless share of what I invested in and what was given in return! The 80 day obsession results will come; I didn’t think I could attain some of the things that came of it and I did. It’s all about challenging ourselves and striving for more than we even think is possible! Because guess what, it is possible!

finding a new rhythm

Thanks so much for reading dear ones! I hope you found our time together today helpful and relatable! The 80 day obsession results have given me so much passion for Beachbody and the programs they have to offer! It’s all at home fitness and the hard work pays off! If you’d like to join in and have me as your fitness coach; I’d love to help you reach your goals and feel stronger than ever! Leave a comment below and I’ll send more info your way.  Stop by beachbody to check out more info on their programs!

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  • Reply Karisa Grimstad

    Crushing it girl. I love what you said about being confident in the hard work you’re putting in not (just) in that scale number. I can’t wait to learn more and get all the things in line to start the challenge! Talk to you soon!

    June 8, 2019 at 2:47 am
    • Reply maccarose

      Thank you so much for reading dear and glad it meant something to you! It’s surely way more than the scale! Cannot wait for you to join me soon!!

      June 9, 2019 at 10:11 pm

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