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A white dress is a must have

A white dress is one very important piece of clothing I make sure to have for spring and summer. It’s super versatile and a beautiful classic to have in your closet. My white dress is from three summers ago. It’s still going strong! Once you find one you love it can be worn time and time again! Or each year when spring/summer come around replace with a new dress! Either way, It’s a staple for your closet.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but versatility is one way I like to make sure a piece of clothing is a good purchase. With that said, let’s style a white dress three ways! I went browsing on my favorite retailers’ website, Nordstrom and found a simple white dress. One that isn’t too fancy or too casual. It’s right in that perfect middle ground; making it super wearable!

Everyday wear!

Where to wear: Running errands, a lunch date, or weekend bbq.

keep it simple with a pair of sneakers and a cropped military jacket. Go for a shorter jacket. The placement of a more cropped jacket lays nicely against a midi length dress. If the jacket is too long, it takes away from the silhouette of the dress. Accessorize with a fun straw bag and wood earrings. A pair of statement earrings dresses up the look. However, a pair of studs is great for keeping it on the more casual end of the spectrum. A crossbody bag is a great choice for day wear. It’s easy to throw on and won’t get in the way!

Dress it up a bit!

Where to wear: Weekend brunch, graduation party, church

Switch out the sneakers for a pair of wedges. I am always drawn to cognac leather shoes. They’re the best neutral! However, a pair of colored wedges are great too. If you opt for a colored wedge go for a more neutral earring. This month’s column is about how a white dress is a spring/summer essential… however, a denim jacket is also a must have for spring/summer. It’s a great overlay!

Add in the denim jacket for awesome structure and the perfect amount of warmth for sunny days. The denim jacket can also be worn for everyday wear with the sneakers and the military jacket can be worn with the wedges. Talk about versatility!!! As for the accessories, add in some pizazz with a colored statement earring and give the trendy bamboo cage handbag a try! These accessories are the perfect finishing touch and take the look to that next level.

Go all out!

Where to wear: Dinner date, college graduation, date night

We’re sticking with the same dress! This time add in a pair of strappy heels. The shoes are a true game changer. Switching out your shoes is the best way to take a dress from one occasion to the next. Since, we’re getting all gussied up; opt for a wrap instead of a jacket. Choose a gauze like wrap for an updated take on wraps. Add to the look with a straw clutch. Are you sensing a theme? Straw is so popular this season. It’s a great finishing touch to any of these looks. Either bag from the first two looks could be worn for this outfit as well! No need to have all three. Rather, the different bags offer ideas for the one you might like best in your closet. Lastly, the earrings- tassels are great for visual interest. These add a little color and dimension to the look!

Shop the look


Everyday Wear-

Round Bag

Cropped Military Jacket


Round wood earring

Dress it up a bit-

Denim Jacket




Go all out-

Strappy Heels


Straw Clutch


Thanks for stopping by dear ones! Comment below with any thoughts or questions!

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