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Date night to 4th of July

nordstrom look

The date:

Nick and I hadn’t been on a date in over 3 months! Can that even be right?! We went on a date in February when his mom was in town for Kashmir’s birthday. After that, we did go to Napa with Nick’s work. I suppose that is a kind of date. Otherwise, he’s been so busy with work! We needed a moment and Monday was the only day our babysitter was available. We had good conversation and good food! It lasted all of an hour and a half. Haha!! After we were done eating; we both felt ready to head home and be cozy on the couch. I may or may not have fallen asleep before 9 pm as we were watching a documentary. Whoops! Is it just us or do other couples have those date nights that are short-lived and while it was so needed; all we wanted to do was be home and in our comfies?!

While it was a short date it was still a good one! Short and sweet for sure. I loved my outfit for the night. Felt really cute and Nick thought so too! Dating your spouse is something I firmly believe in and for a long-lasting marriage, I want to do my part. I want Nick to find me attractive. After 11 years together it is really easy for me to stay in my sweats and decide I rather be comfy. Don’t get me wrong; your hubby/boyfriend/spouse/partner should find you attractive and be okay with you in sweats. Nick is surely okay with it. But, for my sake, I want to get gussied up for him. I experience greater confidence when I put extra effort into my outfit, hair, or makeup. Knowing that these things help to bring out my inner confidence; I choose to put the effort in. The effort is also a reflection of how I want my spouse to see me. I want to keep the butterflies strong, the date nights going, and the love alive! hehe. Nick may or may not have spent an hour in the bathroom lining up his hair and beard because I said I didn’t want him to wear a hat. See…even men put in the extra effort for their spouse. We both feel it’s important to make the effort.


date night and 4th look


I also, think this outfit is a fab 4th of July look! Why not kill two birds with one stone?! Versatility is how I justify a piece of clothing. Knowing I can wear it again, or style it in a different way is my way of a clothing insurance policy. lol! For a more casual look, rock this fun top with a pair of white shorts or cut off denim shorts.


Articles of Society denim runs large. I am normally a size 27. I have them in a 26 and the waist is still a bit baggy.

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