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Flannel Shirt Outfit Ideas

Flannel Shirt Outfit Ideas

Let’s start Flannel-ing around! A flannel shirt is a great piece to have during the fall and winter months! It’s awesome worn casually or dressed up! Looks great on it’ own or layered! But, wearing with a pair of jeans and sneakers is predictable! Why not mix it up? Have some fun? Try new things! Plus, there’s still so much time to wear a flannel. So, let’s talk the style options. Let’s freshen up the way we wear our flannels this winter!

  1. Wear your flannel oversized:

Choose an oversized flannel and wear with leggings, lace up sneakers, and a graphic tee. This is great for keeping it super casual! The flannel acts as an overlay and covers the behind which is appropriate for when wearing leggings. This style is perfect for everyday wear! It looks put together with little effort! Head out the door looking casual chic and grab your leather tote on your way out!

Links to shop:

Oversized flannel


Graphic tee


Crossbody bag


  1. Wear your flannel around your waist:

This one I recently tried. I felt so nervous…thinking am I cool enough to wear it around my waist? But honestly it was so much fun! Trying new things with your style is way more fun then keeping it the same because you’re too nervous. If you want to give it a go; then you should! If anything, someone is looking at you going; wow! She looks so cute and I now want to try that with my style. Wear it around your waist with cropped denim, lace up booties, a classic v-neck tee, and leather backpack. Sometimes matching shoes and bags is fun and sometimes it’s even more fun to not match! Give it a go and wear brown booties and a black bag or vis versa.

Shop the look:

Flannel around our waist


White tee





  1. Wear your flannel with a pleated skirt:

Skip the jeans and pair your flannel with a pleated skirt. The pleats give body to the lower half and is more likely to allow for the flannel to tuck well underneath. If your skirt is a midi length than I feel it is okay to skip tights. With this look a fitted flannel is the way to go. Another way to style is to do a half tuck. Button down the flannel leaving two or three buttons undone and tuck one side of the flannel into the skirt. Leaving one side out as well as the entire back of the top out. Finish the look with a pair of snakeskin pumps and a crossbody clutch. The snakeskin print adds another dimension for super sassy style!

Shop the look:

Flannel shirt

Pleated skirt


Crossbody bag



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