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hair turban headband for the win!


Recently found a turban headband at Nordstrom, and am so excited! My hair is getting longer and able to fit in a pony. Really loving how my hair fits in a pony holder. However, I tend to get headaches when my hair is pulled back tight. On a recent shopping trip with my hubby we came across these headbands. I tried one on and thought it looked so cute. We left without the accessory; but, I kept thinking about them! Such a telling way for me to know if I just like something in the moment or if it’s something I would enjoy for a long time. Anywho! These bad boys are soo cute!


When to wear: ANY TIME!! hehe. I plan on wearing these on lazy days, trips to the store days, date night days. Really versatile. Kind of like throwing on a hat; but easier to dress up. The days where I need to wash my hair but don’t want to throw on the turban. Days when my waves are lackluster from being 3 days old, throw on the turban. Want my hair out of my face- throw on the turban! hehe!

Fit: One size fits all. They’re super stretchy and very comfortable.



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