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High waisted bikini perfection!


cupshe swimsuit

Ladies, I have found an amazing high waisted bikini; seriously it is perfection! Too often I fall victim to the idea that if it costs a lot it must be better quality. Sometimes this is the case. Sometimes it is not. This is one of those cases when it is not! This swimsuit is $23.99!!! Honestly, the material is awesome and the fit is divine! I am so pleased with this suit. I have a few from a couple seasons ago that I still really like. However, when I tried them on last week my hubby said they were not appropriate for mom life. HAHA! If my husband feels that way it must be true! I mean what guy doesn’t want his lady in a skimpy bikini? hehe. Either way, they are definitely that itsy bitsy teenie weenie (yellow polka dot) style bikini! La-la-la-la. Love that song! Those itsie’s will be saved for another occasion. This one will allow for me to be sure that everything is covered up and I can splash around with my kiddos with ease. I’ve also found some other treasures that I am just swooning over!! Had to share them even though tassel bracelets really aren’t practical for swimming in. It’s fashion. Practicality doesn’t apply! 😉 Right?

My clutch is from Target and only $16.99!! Also, these bracelets are 20% off today only with code Monday20

Happy shopping!

Cupshe-High waisted bikini//Purple Peridot-Tassel Bracelets//

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