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How to style a Kimono

So many ways for how to style a kimono…Today we’re talking about four ways; from a beach cover-up to a lovely overlay for a dinner date. A kimono is especially great for the hot summer months because it adds a fun layer without adding too much weight. There are so many prints, lengths, and fun extras available in the world of kimono’s. But, for the most versatility I’d stick with a white. The most neutral option for layering over a swimsuit, tank, or dress. 

How to style a Kimono

Just to sum up a kimono real quick…it’s basically a super thin cardigan. Anything you’d put a cardigan on over; a kimono can be worn over. Plus, a kimono amps up the creativity in an outfit. Now for the fun stuff! Four ways to wear a kimono-

Wear as a swim cover-up

how to style a kimono

Wear the kimono as a swim cover-up at the pool or beach. The white will pair well with any solid or printed suit. I did come across many cute printed options! Which I was tempted to snag. However, for versatility sake I stuck with the white. I love how the white looks against the solid black swimsuit. But, no matter the color or print this kimono will look amazing! Finish the look with a straw hat, flip-flops, and if you’re not getting wet than a fun pair of statement earrings is always a great addition!

Wear casually-

how to style a kimono

Throw on the kimono over a tank, cut off shorts, and sandals. This one is super easy! A good tank and shorts is a summer staple and adding the kimono is just the icing on the cake! So many summer-fun pieces tide into one effortlessly chic look. I went with a bold tank for this look. But, classic white, black, grey, or print would look amazing as well.

Wear dressed up a bit-

how to style a kimono

Wear over a romper! Rompers are pretty much the easiest way to look put together. It’s just as easy to look a bit more put together by adding a kimono. Am I right? 😉 This time choose a pair of wedges to add height and dress up the overall look. This look is also great for dressing down. Instead of the wedges opt for a pair of slides or flat strappy sandals. 

Wear it at the next level-

how to style a kimono

Kimono’s are a fab overlay for dressier occasions as well! Wear a fitted dress, heels, and statement earrings for a great dinner date look! When wearing a kimono be sure to choose a dress that lays close to the body. It doesn’t have to be a bodycon style like the one here. Just be sure it isn’t a super full flowy dress. Too much material paired with a kimono can get messy/sloppy looking. 

Final thoughts…

By no means should a kimono have to be solid…The reason I chose the solid white option is because of the amount of times I am hoping to wear it this summer. I do have yellow floral one that I love!! I will be wearing that one this summer as well. So, don’t be afraid to go for the prints and colors! Whatever makes you feel beautiful; go with that one!

Thanks for reading dear ones’ 

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