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How to style a leather skirt

how to style a leather skirt

How to style a leather skirt! Leather skirts are super trendy and oh so fun! I just love how the leather fabric takes any look up a notch. Whether you’re dressing it up or wearing it casually; a leather skirt adds amazing visual interest.

How to style a leather skirt

This particular leather skirt is faux leather. The price point is amazing! For less than $40 you’re able to take part in the trend without breaking the bank. This is my favorite way to take part in trendy pieces. This one is basic. The length is amazing! A skirt with some length is my go to. When kids are in the picture it’s important to have mobility when doing life! Right?

Bare Legs?

I will say this time of year; I am likely to wear opaque tights with these looks. Unfortunately, I was unable to find my stash of tights! After scouring the house; I came up short! Assuming for most the weather requires tights; I’d seriously recommend opaque tights for all of these looks except the look with sneakers. At some point bare legs in the middle of the winter for day wear seems inappropriate. A going out look for night…sure, bare legs with strappy heels or for an event. But, day to day wear tights are a good choice. 

I will say living in California bare legs is way more acceptable. Especially for southern California. If your temps are warm then by no means should you be wearing tights. hehe! 

The looks

how to style a leather skirt

Who says a leather skirt has to be dressy? If you’ve been around for a while then you know I love to mix styles. Mixing a dressier item like this skirt with sneakers, a tee, and cardi is my jam! Love how this is so wearable. Plus. black and brown is such a good pairing! These two colors paired together will always be a favorite!

Do a little front tuck with the tee to help create a waistline. A pair of high top sneakers would be super cute too! I just can’t pull them off. Not a good look on these legs!

how to style a leather skirt

This is again a little mixing of styles! Over the knee boots dress things up while the tulip hem tee and pullover sweatshirt are definitely more casual. It’s a great way to stay cozy while still feeling dressed up. 

Personally, I like how the boots are a brushed leather. If the boots were a shiny leather; similar to the skirt I would shy away from pairing them with this skirt. Of course this is personal style preference. Take it as you will! hehe. 


how to style a leather skirt

What would a Thursday Three styling session be if we didn’t add in the leopard print booties? Haha! Love how the gray cropped sweater balances out the loud booties. The sweater is cozy, neutral, and understated and the skirt helps to transition to the booties. I look it like a soft, medium, loud. A gradual ascendance, if you will. 

how to style a leather skirt

This one is a favorite of mine! Love how there are so many textures! The silky camisole, soft chenille cardigan, supple leather skirt, and printed snakeskin booties all come together for a really visually appealing outfit. There’s a bit of brown in the booties and the berry colored camisole helps to break up the black cardigan, skirt, and parts of the booties. 

Shop the looks: download the LiketoKnowIt app and search maccarose_ You’ll find the links to all of these looks! XO

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to leave a comment below and share which look you’d rock!


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