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How to style a midi skirt

how to style a midi skirtHow to style a midi skirt! This is such a fun Thursday Three. I love a good skirt for fall and a midi style is just another way to have some fun with your fall wardrobe. 

How to style a midi skirt

Midi skirts have been in style for a while now and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! Can’t say I’m too mad about it either! This particular midi skirt is from Target and is a great price point for having fun with your fall wardrobe without breaking the bank. This is typically how I take part in trendy pieces. Head to H&M or Target for styles that will likely go out of style. Not to say this style skirt would it’s pretty low key and easily wearable come spring too!

Lets talk the looks!


At first glance I’d say this skirt is a bit country. The floral print and ruffles give rodeo-esque vibe. My favorite way to style outfits is to take the style of an item and pull it towards a completely different style. For this first look I added an MTV graphic tee, black peep toe booties, and a moto jacket. These three pieces lend themselves to a more masculine look. Pairing the two opposites together makes for a really fun, visually interesting pairing. 

how to style a midi skirt

This next look is a bit more classic. I love how the midi skirt takes on a completely different vibe with a cream mock neck pullover and pointed to booties. It’s a more feminine outfit; for sure! Love how the solid cream sweater pops against the printed skirt. Also, the long dainty necklace helps to break up the large solid surface area from the sweater. 

how to style a midi skirt

Lastly, this outfit is definitely the most comfortable and practical. No reason a midi skirt can’t be worn with sneakers. In fact sneakers and skirts or dresses is so popular. Another way to mix styles in a really fun way! This go around I went for a grey tee. Grey is a great neutral and makes for a subtle neutral under the burnt orange cardigan. I could have gone for a white tee. But, the grey softens the look. 


when it’s a flowy skirt I try to create a waste line in some fashion- either tie the top in a knot, have tuck, or tuck in completely. 

Stop by IGTV for the complete try on video of these looks! This is my first go with IGTV. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think! Also, which look would you rock?! 

Thanks for reading dear ones! 

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