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How to style a pair of joggers

I’m so excited to share a few ways to style a pair of joggers! Honestly, can’t believe its already Thursday again! Doing a weekly post truly reveals how fast the week goes by! I always feel like once I make a deadline; I’ve got lots of time to prepare for the next deadline. So, I lollygag and suddenly it’s time to publish your weekly post. This is the procrastinator in me. I really should start working on the next go around as soon as I finish one. It’s just me though. I’ll always be a procrastinator at heart. Anyone else like this? If you’re the latter I applaud you. Way to stay on top of things and be organized!

How to style a pair of joggers

With that let’s get started! This week’s piece of choice is a pair of black joggers. I’m loving how joggers are so on trend and can be worn so many different ways! Truly, they’re so versatile. A casual pair of joggers can be dressed up or dressed down so easily!


Thursday Three is chicy…but, I can’t seem to stay within the realm of only styling three looks. We’ll keep it at three outfits for the Instagram photo and hopefully the fact that there are a couple bonus looks will entice you to head to the blog and reading this. 🙂


The joggers I’m styling are casual. These are not a dressy material. I wouldn’t wear them to a business event, dressy occasion, or with heels. I do own a pair of dressy joggers. They’re a silky feel and are meant to be worn as a dress pant. This is not the case for today’s styling.


This one is the most classic or traditional way to wear joggers. Throw on a pair of sneakers, a sweatshirt, and maybe a scarf for some visual interest. You’re ready to go! This look is perfect for everyday style. I always feel put together with little to no effort.

three ways to style

Three ways to style

Time to get creative; pair your joggers with a flouncy top, an oversized cardi, and a pair of flats. The blouse, cardigan, and flats instantly dress up the otherwise lounge wear joggers. I feel that black is the best choice of joggers for adding a flouncy top. For me it feels like the black adds that something dressy needed in order to make a blouse wearable with joggers. Does that make sense? I feel like that was a word fumble. hehe! In any case just be sure the pieces aren’t on the complete opposite spectrum of wearing together. Further, the oversized cardi is super casual which helps to blend the dressy top with the casual pants.

three ways to style

I love the layers of this outfit! Layers give dimension and thus creating visual interest! If you have read my blog posts in the past or my style column; you know I love dimension, visual interest, and texture when I’m styling! A denim chambray is perfection. It’s such a great piece for any time of year. The denim adds weight and structure to an otherwise super casual get up. I also love the way the kicks add a certain “street” style to the “preppy” button down and pullover. The perfect blend of opposing styles blending together!


three ways to style

Okay, if you’re into super simple styling; this one is for you! An oversized sweater is my favorite for simplicity. Not only is this the most comfortable it’s so chic! Pull it to the side and show a little shoulder; instantly adds some sass! I love some good sass. Slip on sneakers allude to flats which is my favorite to wear with joggers. They’re sleek and give a dressier vibe than sneakers with laces.

three ways to style

Tan and black is a favorite color pairing of mine. Two neutral tones. Yet, so visually compelling. The structured moto jacket really dresses up the joggers. I’m in love with this pairing! It gives that vibe, “I’m low key. But, ya girl I know how to look effortlessly chic!” haha! If my outfits could speak. This one would definitely be saying that!

three ways to style



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