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How to style a white dress

how to style a white dress

This week’s Thursday Three is how to style a summer white dress. Which just so happens to be in conjunction with this month’s style column. The whole idea is to take the ideas provided from the column and apply them to the pieces you own in your closet. Only purchasing the pieces you need to complete a look.

how to style a white dress

If you haven’t read the column click here I shared three ways to style a white dress for spring/summer. Just as one might read the column and replicate the looks; I went ahead and replicated the outfits based on what I own. It’s a fun way to get creative and reinvent our wardrobes. 

I have to admit I would prefer to update the military jacket. Still, I love how all of the pieces I already own work and come together nicely! A great reminder that you do not have to buy in order to create versatile outfits. You can get creative with your pieces first and buy only if absolutely needed! My personal preference would be to be wearing a blush sneaker as the outfit inspiration image displays. However, my white kicks play the part well! Sometimes you just gotta go with what you got and be proud of the get up!

This one is for sure my favorite. Love how versatile this outfit is. Wear just because you feel like dressing up for the day. Wear to a brunch, wear to a graduation party, dinner date, or lunch date. You name it this outfit is appropriate. It isn’t too dressy for any occasion. It rides right in the middle of casual and dressy which makes for one awesome outfit!

Loving how this look came together! All neutral for ya baby. To add a pop of color go for a dusty pink wrap. The two wraps are by the same brand. I own the white/cream. But, the dusty pink would be awfully fun for a little color contrast.

Shop these looks via search maccarose_ you’ll find all the links ready to go! 

Thanks for reading dear ones! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts below! XO

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