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How to Style floral pants

Summer is on the horizon; which means it’s time to rock a fun pair of floral pants! At least this year it does because, these bad boys are so cute! What’s more the pants can be worn with a matching top…a matchy-matchy set is my jam!! 

Floral print pants can be a bit overwhelming. They might seem like a hard item to tackle when it comes to finding unique ways to wear. But, the most fun ways to wear are the unique ways! Even though I love a matching two piece outfit it’s most fun to mix styles! 

The looks

The first look; is the meant to be look made by, Rip Curl. The two were made to be worn together and are such a fun pairing! It’s sweet with the pink floral print and a little sassy with the strapless/crop top. My plan is to wear this look for the Hula we are attending while in Hawaii this summer. 

Go a more traditional route and wear the floral pants with a cream tank and denim jacket. No worries about a midriff showing and the cream top helps to tone down the “loud” pants. The important piece to this look is the tank is a cream color not white. If the tank had been white the outfit wouldn’t look the same. The color in the pants is cream so the top needs to be cream or vis versa. If the pants had a stark white color in them the tank would need to be white not cream. These are subtle details; however, the subtle details are the ones that make or break a look. 

Keep it casual with a slouchy tee and flip flops. This tee is by, Rip Curl too. The colors compliment each other perfectly. I think the part that makes this look work best is that it’s a graphic tee. Super casual and more of a masculine style fit. The floral print is obviously super feminine. Any time I get the chance to mix masculine style with feminine style I take the chance! The other piece that makes this look so well is the colors coordinate. It doesn’t match but the toucan has the same color pink as the pants. Make sure there is one color that coordinates. 

Shop the floral pants

Thanks for stopping by dear ones! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts. Which look is your favorite? What would you like to see next for Thursday Three? 


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