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How to style over the knee boots


Okay! It’s time to get serious! My computer crashed a couple weeks ago and because of this I realized how much time I have wasted with not working my blog. So, This is it! I am committing to posting at least twice a week. I love this space. It’s where I get to share my personal style, thoughts, and life happenings! It has been a slow start but, my heart desires to be more intentional with my time. I want to invest in the things I love. This can be really hard for me. I am a very content person; pair that with nights of interrupted sleep and you’ve got a mama with no motivation. I know this is who I am at my core. Which means I have to put some work in and make a conscious effort to get outside my place of contentment. Anyone else in the same boat? Living just so content and loving time on the couch with your favorite tv show? (once the kids are napping or asleep for the night of course) haha! I’ve got to turn off the TV or at least write while watching and invest in this space. Which is what I am currently doing. Watching The Voice and writing this post. Who else loves this show?! Okay, I’m getting off topic. I just love tv a bit too much. Back to the topic…with that this is my first weekly commitment to!


Thursday Three will be my weekly post; sharing three ways to style one piece. This weekly post is really fun because it allows not only for me to share ways to get creative in your closet but, it is literally doing just that for me too! Sometimes I get in a rut with my wardrobe and feel like there is absolutely nothing to wear. I hope you find this inspiring for you and your closet!


For the first week, I am sharing FIVE ways to style a pair of over the knee boots. Yes, the title of this post is Thursday Three. I am “supposed” to stick to three ways to style something. But, once I got started, I wanted to keep going and was just having too much fun to stop at three. So, we’ll just say there are three ideas with two bonus looks! I have seen so many bloggers wearing their OTK boots lately. Made me all excited about wearing mine. I will say my pair have a really tall heel. So, my options for wearing them are slim. I love a good heel. But, prefer a lower heel if I am going to be wearing them all day. Needless to say, I have another pair on my Christmas list with a shorter heel.


In my opinion otk boots can be a bit overwhelming. They’re a statement shoe and dare I say, can lean towards looking like hoochie mama boots. HAHA! Which, sometimes we all need a little hoochie mama moment! Nothing wrong with that. But, for the most part I like to be conservative with my other pieces when wearing a pair of otk boots. For the first three looks I took a few of my more conservative pieces and paired them with these otk boots. I love the way these outfits turned out! The boots stand out and add a some sass to the poncho, dress, and balloon sleeved sweater.


This first look is probably my favorite because it’s the most simple. I love an outfit that speaks for itself without having to try too hard. You know the kind of outfit that just looks effortlessly chic. Honestly, this is also the easiest outfit. The most comfortable. The least amount of effort. Funny how that happens! I struggle with over thinking my outfit’s and feel like I need to out do yesterday’s outfit. When I chill out and just go with put together comfort; it usually pays off.


Okay! Hello, Fall! This one is also simple and easy going. The colors are what get me! I love the mustard yellow paired with a mock turtleneck and balloon sleeve. I love how the top has oversized sleeves. It helps to balance out the height and the fact that the jeans and boots are fitted.

balloon sweater

Over the knee boots and a above the knee dress with a duster cardi creates so much visual interest! I just love all the dimensions and clean lines. Plus, the colors are just so good! Burgundy is a favorite of mine for fall and winter! The boots are again fitted and the dress is a shift. I like how the loose fitting dress and long cardi let the boots shine!

long cardiThese last two looks are my “hoochie mama” looks. I hope I’m not offending anyone when I say this! I love a good sassa-frass look that isn’t for the school morning drop off. hehe!! It’s just to say these outfits are sassy and probably something I’d wear for a date night or girls night out.


I love a fur vest! It’s definitely sassy and I love some sass! The oversized blouse is the part that balances out the sass of the vest, faux leather leggings, and otk boots. It’s that loose fitting piece. I really feel like the intensity of the three need something simple and flowy.



I love a crop top. It really lets a pair of high rise denim shine! Something else I love, high rise denim is my jam!! They elongate legs, create clean lines, and you never have to worry about your undies showing. I have to say this is probably my most favorite sassy look. I may have to pull it out for date night next week! The best part is the color pairing. Monochromatic outfits have been on my radar lately. It’s so subtly chic and fun!

lace top


Which is your favorite? Which one is outside your comfort zone but totally peaks your interest?!? Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you! Also, if there are any pieces you’d like to see styled for the Thursday Three, let me know and I’ll do my best to create some fun ideas!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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