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How to style your bodycon dress

Hi friends, for this week’s edition of Thursday Three I styled a bodycon dress three different ways (okay, four and a bonus two…so really it’s Thursday six)! This particular dress is by, Leith sold at Nordstrom. It comes in so many different colors; I own, “purple taupe heather”. It’s a subtle purple and so pretty! I love it and yes, I would like to keep adding colors to my collection!!!

Mental Block: I had some mental blocks this go around and struggled with getting creative. Unintentionally, the three looks were created by adding a cream colored cardigan, jacket, or sweater. Once I figured this out I made sure to add a fourth look which adds a different color palette to the dress. There are a couple additional photos with inspiration for how to style it! Even with all the cream and the mental block; I am loving the way these looks turned out and I hope you do to!

Good to know: While I styled all of my looks with the purple bodycon dress. The same rules can be applied to a different color bodycon dress. So, whichever bodycon dress you own or choose to purchase in the future. The ideas for layering are applicable to an array of colors! Hope this helps get your creative juices flowing for your closet!

Sizing: The Leith dress runs small. Nordstrom advices: Body conscious fit. For a more relaxed fit size up.  I needed to size up for my hips and tooshie.. I will say I would have liked to stick with my typical size for my stomach and chest. However, the ruching does well in hiding that it is a bit loose in the upper half.

The outfits:

This one is so fun for just keeping it basic and chill! Perfect for everyday style. If you ask me; the most realistic for motherhood; I will definitely be rocking this on a day where I am out and about with my boys. My feet won’t hurt and the long jacket is no fuss. I like outfits that lay easily. I don’t want to spend my day fidgeting with my clothes. As for my kicks; a classic white/off white pair of sneakers is such a good staple for your closet. Wearing a pair of converse with a dress is one of my favorite ways to keep it casual.

three ways to style This one is so perfectly cozy! While I would totally rock this in the Fall; it would be so beautiful for winter too. Love the winter whites look. The fringe scarf is huge (which I love)- it ties in the cream sweater and brown boots perfectly. This is more a pleasant accident than something that needs to happen. A cream cardigan and a solid cream scarf, or tan scarf is great too! I just love how the styling pieces are all neutral; allowing the dress to be the only pop of color.

three ways to style Another cream sweater added to the mix! I told you, I am on a cream kick. This was completely unintentional. This particular sweater is stretchy and oversized. I originally planned on just adding the sweater without knotting it. But, because it was too long it cut the dress off and look funny. The sweater needed a more cropped look. Thus, the decision for the knot. If you have a sweater that hits just above the hips. that’s the sweet spot. It allows for a good ratio of dress to sweater.

However, if you’re going for an oversized look than by all means add a sweater that hits below the hips. I played with this one a bit and decided it was more flattering to show my shape by pulling the sweater into a knot. Add a simple long necklace for a finishing touch. I chose booties for variation in styling; but for cold days tall boots and tights are great too!

three ways to style Okay, this is when I realized I was on a cream kick and needed to share another color option. I’ve been loving simple looks of solids and decided to pair my dress with a black duster and black otk boots. This one came together nicely! It’s simple and sophisticated. Perfect for a date night or girls night out!
three ways to style These last two looks I’ve worn out and about and felt so cute! I love the plum hued cardigan and dress together. It’s so perfectly matchy-matchy in a way that just is so fun! At least, I think so. hehe! The kimono is a fun way to add some pattern to the solid dress; definitely feel as though the color of the dress pairs well with the florals. Bringing a little pattern to a look never hurt anybody! Although, it looks like I’m rooting for the solids team lately.

three ways to style

three ways to style


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