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Italy here we come!


summer vacation

In less than a month my hubby and I will be in Italy! This will be our first vacation in three years. I cannot wait to explore, eat good food, drink wine, spend quality time with my husband, and to be honest get a full night’s sleep! Something I haven’t experienced more than a couple times since Kyrie was born. With the trip arriving in less than a month; I’m starting to mentally pack and have a few new pieces tucked away for safe keeping! Thes off the shoulder top being one of them.

I am a sucker for a good floral print top and I have been obsessed with everything blue lately! This off the shoulder trend is so much fun! I really wanted to take part. But, have found every top that I tried on to be too tight on the shoulders, too loose, slides up, or, just not the right look. Ideally, I need to be able to wear the top with my children around. I am with my children way more than I am ever not with them which means it needs to be somewhat practical.

After trying several and being disappointed I figured this trend just wasn’t for me. However, I was online at Nordstrom Rack looking for a couple basic t-shirts for my husband and of course had to take a peek at the women’s department. I saw this top- with the blue florals, bell ruffle sleeve, and off the shoulder neckline, I decided to give this top a try. Turns out I love it!

Sure it comes up from the shoulders with excessive movement; like if I were to pick up one of my boys. Thankfully this top looks cute whether off the shoulder or up right on the shoulder. Definitely more practical for my lifestyle.

I’ll also be using my Nikon camera from way back in the day. A gift from my parents after Nick and I got married 6 years ago. The size is perfect for travel and not too bulky. Yet, we will still be able to take good photos that aren’t just on our phone.

I plan on sharing a new post here and there with my outfit ideas for Italy till the end of June, but they’re also perfect for a trip around town or on any type of vacay!

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