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LipSense Review

Lipsense is so very popular and being a lipstick lover I was so excited to get the opportunity to try it out! The most fabulous girl, Rachelle sent me the Lipsense color Strawberry Shortcake, Glossy Gloss, and the Ooops Remover.

So, I tried out the product without any knowledge on LipSense.

My initial thoughts:

-It stings. What the heck is going on?!

-This feels dry.

-The color is AMAZING!!!

-Wow, it’s lasting all day! I love that.

-The removal is not so easy. Takes more work than I’d like.

Gained knowledge/Thoughts after learning more:

-The stinging is normal. LipSense contains SD40 cosmetic grade alcohol. When applied to lips a tingling sensation will occur. Felt like a faint sting to me. But, either way, nothing worth throwing in the towel! Worth the lasting and awesome color!

-This tingling sensation is the product working to rid the lips of any bacteria present for the molecular bonding of the color. (This blows my mind!)

-Using wax products on your lips interferes with the work that is being done through the LipSense products. I’m a little worried about this portion. I love my MAC lipsticks. Seems as though it is important to be 100% for LipSense for it to work at its fullest potential. Still, it worked rather well for the time I have used it. Seems fair to say you can use both types of lipsticks. LipSense may not work quite as well! But, it’s still going to last A LONG time! J

-SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE. I did not do this prior to using the product. I will be adding this to my regimen for the next time.

-I have been experiencing some flakiness since using the product. Not to worry! This is normal. LipSense is working to rid the lips of any wax build up from other products.

-Still loving the color!

-Still not so sure about the gloss. But, it is only recommended during the first couple weeks to help the lips get through the exfoliation process. The gloss has shea butter and speeds up the exfoliation.

-Love how long it lasts!

-Removal is still more work than I’d like. However, weighing the pros and cons it is probably worth the effort for the length of wear!


  1. The water line will not stay on as long. However, it will stay longer if you ensure the waterline is dry during application.
  2. Avoid using a sweeping motion. A sweeping motion will move the color around.
  3. Stroke from one side of the lip to the other and let dry 3-5sec. Apply up to 3 coats
  4. Glossy Gloss should be applied in the first few weeks alone (maybe at night) to continue in the removal of residue

Review from a friend who has been using LipSense exclusively!

Fairon and I went to the same high school and were cheerleaders! Our years never overlapped but we judged cheer tryouts and have connected more as adults who have boys and a love for lipstick and fashion then we have had the chance to in high school! Anywho, she loves this product. It is always nice to get an outsiders perspective. Especially, since I have not used this product for very long. Fairon actually DM’d me on Instagram with the idea for using the matte gloss and from there I asked her what her thoughts were. Does it actually rid your lips of residue?

She said, YES! It really does work. Stating, her lips were constantly dry and chapped before starting LipSense. Now, they are super soft! If she uses something else and then goes back to LipSense they go through the dry and flaky stage again. She agreed that it is best to use the product exclusively.

I just loved that she had such an honest and positive review. When investing in a product it is always a little nerve-wracking. Will my money be well spent? Will I love it? Is it actually going to do what is says it will?

From my experience and the thoughts of sweet Fairon- I would say it’s definitely a product to try! A fun and innovative product for sure! Only thing is I don’t think I can give up my MAC collection. So, I may have to stick with the occasional LipSense application and know that it will still do a great job even if I still us wax products.

PS. I am wearing Strabwerry Shortcake and the color is AMAZING!!

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts or questions!!!


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-Facebook: Red Carpet Lips

-SeneGense Distributor ID: 243745



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