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Lived in waves Tutorial

Lived in waves is my go to way for styling my hair! There have been a few people who asked how I get this look. So, I thought I’d make a tutorial for you!

A few tips:

-It’s best to work with hair that isn’t freshly washed. A day or two old is perfection!

-Sometimes I curl my hair at night and sleep on it for a really relaxed look. Touch up in the morning. *No hair spray at night. Just in the morning after the touch-up. 🙂

-Ends of hair won’t be curled around the wand to help achieve a natural look.

-Hold wand upside down and curl away from your face.

-After curling a section, twist around finger and tug to loosen the curl. Leave as is till you’ve finished curling your entire head.

-Once finished run fingers through hair to continue loosening the waves

-Lightly spray with finishing spray. A little goes a long way with lived in waves. Too much will make your hair stiff.

Happy Styling!! 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by!


//Eufora- Finishing Spray//

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