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I always love when people share products that work for them! Periodically, I thought I would share my favorites. If you’re like me spending a pretty penny on products you’re unsure of is a little nerve wracking. With that I am sharing five products that I cannot live without! What do you say? Shall we hop to it?!

  1. Andalou Naturals- Kukui Cocoa body butter: I love a good body butter! Having the perfect lotion to keep your skin soft is the best and when it smells good; that’s even better! This one is on the thicker side and very creamy. I love it because it dries into your skin quickly and leaves your skin so happy. But, the real reason I love it is because of the scent! The scent is Tahitian vanilla with superfruit antioxidants, shea + cocoa butters, and Moroccan¬†argan oil! Who doesn’t want all those goodies moisturizing their skin? The price point of $13.95 is also perfection. I have been using this bad boy for several years and I’ll never quit it!
  2. Lancome- Double Action Eye Makeup Remover: I LOVE this stuff! It is the ultimate eye makeup remover. Takes off the makeup with ease. The oil and water combination is perfection. The oil removes the all makeup including water proof products and the water conditions the skin without a grease left over. Seriously, I feel like my eyes are getting a mini treatment after applying this product. They feel moisturized and so soft! This is a splurge for sure. But, if you use eye makeup and dont wan’t to have to try and scrape off or rub real hard to get your makeup off this is the stuff you need! It just wipes clean so nicely. Can’t say enough good stuff about this product! Price point: $30-54 depending on size.
  3. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands- Hand cream: Okay, this stuff works wonders! Dry and cracked hands are a major issue for me! Bleeding and split skin is not something out of the norm; especially during the winter months. O’Keeffe’s hand cream does such a great job in healing the dry skin, cracks, and split skin. There is no scent which is good for dry hands. The texture is not my favorite it is waxy. However, the wax texture is exactly what holds in the moisture and protects against further pain and damage. If you need a product that is healing and straight to the point this is it! Again the price point at $11!! I’ve been using this product for a little over 2 years and it is a staple! Must have a jar on hand at all times.
  4. Jergens Natural Glow- Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse: This is a new product for me. I have only been using it for a couple weeks. It does not take long to know if a sunless tanner is working and doing its job or falling flat. I am very pleased with this product. The color is instant and looks natrual. I am sensitive to scent and this one does not smell like a tanning product! This is HUGE!! I used to use Hawaiian Tropics sunless tanner and it definitely left me smelling like tanning products. Jergens Tanning Mousse smells tropical and delicious! I don’t feel like I have to shower to get the scent off and the color goes on beautifully. Yes, you need to be careful around the ankles, elbows, knees. Otherwise, it goes on smooth and looks fabulous! Price point is $12.99
  5. Viktor and Rolf- Flower Bomb: Such a warm and sweet scent. Flower Bomb is exactly the title- an explosion of florals with a touch of vanilla. Yes, its spendy. But, a little goes a long way! Perfection. Price Point: $55-$165.

Shop my favorites: //Andalou-Kukui Cocoa Body Butter//

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