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Matte LipSense Review

LipSense offers a matte gloss option. After trying both the glossy gloss and the matte gloss; I prefer the matte gloss. The ideal LipSense user; exclusively uses this product. I do not exclusively use LipSense. In which case I noticed some peeling while wearing the matte gloss. This is considered normal for someone whose lips are what LipSense likes to call going through withdrawals. I’d say you should use the matte only after your lips have gone through the process of letting go the built up residue. Until then stick with the glossy gloss. The glossy gloss did not peel while I was wearing it.

I absolutely loved this nude color. It is called Apple Cider. The perfect neutral and looks really natural. The matte gloss is really nice- not too sticky and doesn’t have a ton of shine to it. I will say whether wearing the matte or the glossy gloss I felt like I needed to reapply frequently. However, this is pretty similar to what you would have to do with a classic wax lipstick.

I will continue to enjoy the LipSense goodies I have; as the colors are just too good! But, I don’t think I can quit my MAC lipstick collection. I’m a MAC lippie lover and it probably won’t change. Still, LipSense did last and the colors are amazing!!! Definitely an awesome idea and worth a try!!

Shop with Whitney for the matte gloss and Apple Cider lip color!

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