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my journey to fit


Hi friends! Thanks so much for stopping by!! If you’re like me you love a good before and after photo. I would find myself scrolling through fitness Instagram pages, hopping from one page to the next on people who had posted about their fitness journey! Always thinking, I’d like to see what my body can do! I want a challenge! Healthy living has always been important to me and just like with most things in life I’ve been on a journey where there are times I am fit and making good choices with my nutrition. Then, there are times where I’m a bit heavier and indulging when it comes to the food I consume and that is okay! Life is full of ebb and flow. I recently read an article that said our health journey isn’t about being rigid and finding the perfect weight, and staying there forever. This just isn’t practical. I think this is where I have felt failure. The failure is in thinking that I will stay 135lb for the rest of my life. Sure, this is the weight where I feel most comfortable in my skin. But, I know that it will fluctuate with life. This is really important to remember. Life happens and it’s messy. Being active and making good choices with your nutrition most of the time is important and best for living a long and healthy life. But, I’ve seen 145lb, I’ve seen 156lb, I was 198lb when I gave birth to Kashmir. Wherever you are at on your journey, you’re never too late to start making changes! Slowly but surely you can make small changes that lead to big ones. It just takes the desire for more. The desire to invest in yourself. This is my journey in deciding to challenge myself and push my body to new limits. It hasn’t been easy. But, it is so worth it! After all, nothing worth having is easy. Right?


*****When I took my photo in July I did not intend on sharing my progress. This is why it looks like a mug shot and I’m in my undies. hehe!! Whoops.

journery to fit


Until I was done nursing Kyrie I didn’t want to do anything drastic towards losing the weight I gained while pregnant. Keeping up my milk supply was important to me and I struggled to keep my milk supply with Kashmir. Kyrie weaned himself in July. This is when I decided to put in extra effort towards losing the last few pounds and building some muscle. I started in July at 145lb. At the end of October, I weighed 137.4lb. It took me three months to lose 7.6lb.

How I lost the weight: I worked out anywhere from 2-4 times a week, depending on what the day allowed for. I worked out in my living room or went for a walk/run. I did not use weights. I did not go to the gym. I did not buy a workout program. I did not but a meal plan. I really want to stress this! It does not take purchasing a single thing to make a change. All it takes is a lot of determination and commitment.

WORKOUTS: I used and still use Fitness Blender for free workouts on YouTube as well as on their website

NUTRITION: I used and still use the app, My Fitness Pal. It’s free!!!

Weight loss, maintaining weight, weight gain is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. This is CRUCIAL! I used to struggle with the thought, “But, I ate a salad! But, I didn’t eat that cookie! But, I ate chicken and broccoli!! I am making healthy choices. Why am I a not losing weight????” Healthy foods are great, but you won’t lose unless the body is in a caloric deficit. So, yes I ate a salad or chicken and broccoli. But, if the portions are too big nothing is going to change. I have a hard time with portion sizes. Eyeballing it is not a good way to start out. This is why I use My Fitness Pal. It helps me stay on track. I measure out every single thing I am putting in my mouth and I am entering it before I eat it. It is important to be accurate with your entries otherwise the time spent using the app will not be fruitful.

FAILED ATTEMPT: My Fitness Pal asks for your age, height, weight, and amount of activity you partake in. These factors calculate how many calories you should be taking in, in order to lose or gain weight depending on your goals. I was 145lb and wanted to lose 10lb. I wanted to lose it as fast as possible; so, I entered I wanted to lose 2lb a week. The app told me I needed to be eating 1200 calories a day. I did this after having Kashmir and it worked! I lost all my baby weight. This time around I did not have the same success. My friend is really into healthy living and has a lot of knowledge on fitness/nutrition. I turned to her because after a month and a half of consuming 1,200 calories a day I had only lost 3lb. I was so frustrated and so hungry!!!! I was supposed to be at my goal weight by now and was feeling so defeated. She and I are about the same height and have a very similar body type. She told me of how her caloric intake was much higher than mine and she was losing weight. My body was in starvation mode! I wasn’t taking in enough calories. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Less isn’t always the answer. There is a balance that is needed and our bodies need calories to function. Food is the fuel that keeps us going. Never starve yourself for the sake of losing weight. I wasn’t starving myself. But, sure I was hungry. The body will feel hungry when we take calories away. That is normal. But, not eating enough to keep your body functioning in a healthy way is bad the same way eating too much is bad. With that said we recalculated my caloric intake and what I should be consumed by adding a little more information.

We used my BMI (Body Mass Index), height, weight, age.

This is what my current information looks like; just to give you an idea:

Age: 27

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 135.4

BMI: 23.2


SUBTRACT 500 (calories) from the above number


SUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT: I should be consuming 1,639 calories in order to lose weight. I had myself at 1,200. That’s 439 calories more each day!!!! Two small meals or one bigger meal. Those are important for sanity! Gosh, once I added these calories back in it was so nice!!! Both for my sanity and for the scale. Once, I added the calories I started losing consistently and got myself down to 135.4; which is where I currently am at.


Calculate your BMI: BMI CALCULATOR

Calculate how many calories you need to consume to maintain: EAT TO PERFORM CALCULATOR

Calculate how many calories you should be consuming to lose: CALORIES TO MAINTAIN – 500= CALORIES TO LOSE

*500 is the number of calories you need to take out of your daily intake to be at a caloric deficit.


journey to fit


REMEMBER: Being healthy isn’t all about the scale! It’s how you feel in your skin, how you fit in your clothes. Muscle weighs more than fat! You might weigh more than you’d think you “should” but look and feel better because you have more muscle than fat. There are just so many factors and I am by no means an expert. Just, sharing what worked for me and hoping to show that making a change doesn’t have to cost you a gym membership or an expensive supplement regimen. (None of those things are bad) Just not a necessity and good to know if it’s not in the budget to go to the gym or purchase special food for gaining a healthier lifestyle. 🙂

Currently, I am doing a challenge which I did pay for; wanted to change things up and see what will come of an 8-week change of pace! It’s important to keep things interesting and keep your body guessing. I’ve hit an ebb again. But, that is okay. It’s a marathon, not a sprint right?! Ebb and flow, friends. Ebb and flow.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Leave a comment or ask a question. I’d love to hear from you.

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  • Reply Dev

    You’re major goals Mama! So proud of you and happy for you!!!

    November 11, 2017 at 3:57 pm
    • Reply maccarose

      Thanks so much! Your help was and is crucial! Love that we are on this journey to fit together! Heck, this life journey in general!! Love you. :-*

      November 11, 2017 at 4:36 pm
  • Reply Jazmin

    You look so tone!

    November 30, 2017 at 12:24 am
    • Reply maccarose

      Thanks! My eating habits are the game changer for sure! Since the holidays I’ve noticed I am not nearly as toned as I was when I was eating 5-7 servings of veggies a day and less sweets.

      January 22, 2018 at 10:29 pm

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