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    How to Style a Turtleneck

    How to style a turtleneck is the choice of the week! A few weeks ago I asked if there were any requests for my Thursday Three posts. The turtleneck was one of the requests; such a fun piece of clothing. I’ve always appreciated a good turtleneck. However, they’re not my typical go to top. But, after this week’s styling I am loving them. The fitted top is a great layering piece for wearing all the fun trends of winter; things like faux fur coats or vests. The way the slim top balances out the bulky outwear is really nice!

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    How to style faux leather leggings

    This edition of “Thursday Three” is all about how to style faux leather leggings. These particular pair are by SPANX. I love them. They’re thick, hold it all in, and the leather like sheen adds some pizazz! The price tag is a bit steep but, the quality makes it totally worth it! To be honest, I struggle with leggings. Too often they’re worn as pants and are completely see through in the day light. I don’t want to flash others nor, do I want people to flash me. Hehe! I say just do the tooshie in the mirror test. You know when you try a new pair of leggings or workout pants and bend over with your tooshie in the mirror to make sure you can not see skin.  And if you can see skin; I feel the pants need to be treated as tights. Only worn when something is long enough to cover your bikini area. 

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    Millie and Main Online Styling

    millie and main styling

    New Year. New you!

    A new year is upon us! Happy New Year friends! With the season of giving at an end- it’s time to invest in yourself! I strongly believe when you look your best, you feel your best, and thus you can be your best. Truly, my passion for style comes from the confidence I feel when I put on a great outfit and feel my best. It’s amazing how the clothes you wear can affect your outlook, mood, and overall sense of self. Of course, what truly matters in life is who you are as a person. How you treat others. How your treat yourself. Nonetheless, investing in your appearance hands down is an instant boost of self-esteem. Who doesn’t want that? While, I love dressing myself; the joy of helping style someone else is immeasurable!

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