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    Fall Must Have Pieces For Your Closet


    fall fashion

    The October issue of Alive Magazine is published and it’s all about Fall must haves! This month’s article is all about Fall fashion. I shared six must have pieces for this Autumn season. I had so much fun styling these looks. The pieces are awesome basics! Perfect for Fall. But, also so perfect for more than just Fall! These are the kinds of staples that are so versatile! The vest is perfect for spring, summer, fall, winter. The dress; is awesome for spring, fall, winter…. and so on! I think this is my favorite part about my Fall must have list. The pieces aren’t going to go out of style. They’re always going to be chic and wearable!

    But first, here’s a little sneak peak of Fall must haves!

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    Instagram Round up!

    The Instagram Round up will be the second weekly post commitment! If you read my last post title, “Thursday Three” you know, I challenged myself to some consistency and will be posting at least twice a week. First is the weekly round up on Monday for the week prior. This way you can shop my pieces, get the recipes, find my workout, or get my lipstick info. The second is Thursday Three, where I will be sharing three ways to style one item each week!

    Truly, I feel like I have been saying I need to actually commit to this space I’ve created for so long. Now is the time to invest more and all thanks to the fact that my computer pooped out on me. Oh how blessings come to fruition. Right? What felt like a major bummer; was actually a way to wake me up and get me invested, motivated, and excited for some regularity on

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    How to style over the knee boots


    Okay! It’s time to get serious! My computer crashed a couple weeks ago and because of this I realized how much time I have wasted with not working my blog. So, This is it! I am committing to posting at least twice a week. I love this space. It’s where I get to share my personal style, thoughts, and life happenings! It has been a slow start but, my heart desires to be more intentional with my time. I want to invest in the things I love. This can be really hard for me. I am a very content person; pair that with nights of interrupted sleep and you’ve got a mama with no motivation. I know this is who I am at my core. Which means I have to put some work in and make a conscious effort to get outside my place of contentment. Anyone else in the same boat? Living just so content and loving time on the couch with your favorite tv show? (once the kids are napping or asleep for the night of course) haha! I’ve got to turn off the TV or at least write while watching and invest in this space. Which is what I am currently doing. Watching The Voice and writing this post. Who else loves this show?! Okay, I’m getting off topic. I just love tv a bit too much. Back to the topic…with that this is my first weekly commitment to!

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