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    Summer Trends

    Hello June; time to talk summer trends! Each season, each year trends come and go. Sometimes they stick around for a couple years. Sometimes they’re new to the scene. This year there are definitely a couple to return; which I am so excited about! Straw is quintessential during the summer months and it’s back for more! Thank goodness… last year I missed the boat. This year I am hopping on! Has this ever happened to you? You love a trend. But you decide to skip it, only to change your mind, and then it’s too late? The ship has sailed. This summer there are so many fun trends and I hope this helps you decide to take part! Whether you’re in it to save or ready to splurge it’s quite easy to find accommodating price points.

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    80 day obsession results

    finding a new rhythmWell, the 80 day obsession results are in! These workouts are no joke; but in the best way possible! This program helped me to find a new rhythm and it’s a good one! I’ve gotten stronger with each day and have seen so much change in the past three months!

    80 Day Obsession’s focus is on the abs and booty. However, the entire body is getting worked throughout the entire program! It resembles HIIT. I used to think I couldn’t get a great sweat in with at home fitness. Truly, I was wrong. There were days when the sweat was dripping off of my nose on to the ground. (kinda gross-but, totally worth it)! 

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    How to style a summer mini dress

    how to style a mini dress

    Love a good summer mini dress! We’re styling this navy dress with floral details three ways; for a super fun Thursday Three! A mini dress to be exact. Love a good flowy mini dress for those hot summer days. It has gotten up to 95 here in Walnut Creek and it’s only June 5th. I think we are in for a hot one this summer! But, hey…I’m not complaining.

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