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    It’s margarita time!


    Friends, it’s margarita time! For some reason, margarita’s have been on my mind this summer. I love a fun beverage and this one doesn’t disappoint! I will say I do not like a salted rim. Does that make me a margarita amateur?

    In any case, I had brought up wanting a margarita while my Auntie Mo-Mo was present. She came through and shared her fab recipe! Her name is actually Ramone. But, my boys call her Mo-Mo. So, I call her Mo-Mo. Sorry, I’m getting off topic. Can you tell I’m currently enjoying one of these bad boys as I type this post? hehe!

    Okay, so here it is! The recipe you’ve all been waiting for…I named it the Mo-Mo Margarita.

    Mo-Mo Margarita- Enough for a party!

    • Any clear Tequila- nearly a 1/5 of a bottle
    • 1 cup fresh lime juice
    • 2 bottles of Trader Joe’s Margarita Mix
    • 2 cans of 7Up (no diet)
    • Ice
    • Float 1/2 shot of Grand Marnier or Cointreau or Triple Sec on top (I used Triple Sec)

    Mo-Mo Margarite for One! Yes, Please!

    • 1 shot Tequila
    • 1 shot Triple Sec
    • 1 1/2 shots Trader Joe’s Margarita Mix
    • 2 shots 7up
    • 1/2 lime fresh squeezed lime
    • 3 or more ice cubes

    For Funsies add a quarter of a lime to the edge of the glass and a fun straw! Both recipes can be blended with ice in a blender. Just add the lime after blending.


    Leave a comment with your thoughts once you give it a go!

    Under Armour Athletic Wear

    under armour gear

    I’ll be honest, I am all about the Under Armour gear because Cal is sponsored by Under Armour. When They were sponsored by Nike; I was all about Nike. But, I will say I am enjoying more of the UA pieces than the Nike pieces I have and the prices are much more affordable!

    I wanted to share this t-shirt. It comes in five colors. I bought two of them! Blush pink because we all know it’s my favorite color! I also chose the bright reddish-orange color (Nick is drawn towards the brighter colors). Does anyone else make purchases because they know their spouse will like it? hehe! I gravitate towards muted tones and he is the complete opposite. I love this top though. It will be nice to have in both colors.under armour gear


    The fit is true to size. I am a true small on top and the fit is great. Not too tight and not too loose.


    Under Armour-top *EXACT

    Under Armour- leggings *SIMILAR

    Under Armour-running shoes *EXACT

    Under Armour- sports bra *SIMILAR

    under armour gear

    Fit tip:

    I have been out of the exercise game for a couple weeks. We’ve been so busy! So, today the boys and I went for a walk. Felt like I needed to ease my way into it. So, my fit tip is while on a walk be sure to engage your core, glutes, and basically any muscle you can squeeze while still maintaining a semi-normal looking stride…haha! You can squeeze your muscles all day long if you really want to! Can’t hurt, that’s for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Saturday Comfort

    saturday comfort

    Happy weekend friends; I’m starting off this Saturday in comfort! I would love to get to know all of you more! Comment what you are up to this weekend. Keeping it low key? Or maybe it’s a super busy weekend?


    We’ve got plans today for heading to Nick’s work. The football recruits are in town and the families of the coaches are invited to meet the players and enjoy a BBQ! The boys and I love visiting Cal. Seeing Nick in his element and getting to further our relationship with the football players is such a sweet blessing.


    I placed an Under Armour order a week ago and just received the packages. You can bet I was trying it all on as soon as I saw the package at the front door. I can never wait to see how the pieces fit. I gotta know now! What about you? Do you need to try it all on stat!? Or are you more likely to take your time and let it linger for a bit? My mom is more of that kind of shopper. She’ll receive a package and wait days before trying it out. hehe! Funny how we are all so different.

    Anyways, I actually love everything I got! I was a bit surprised. Usually, there is at least one thing that isn’t quite right. The fit, color, style. Etc. But, I am so excited about all the pieces. I’ll be sharing the rest later on in the week.


    But, for now I thought I’d add the links for you to check out my top and joggers. Soooo comfy! Soooo cute! Soft and fit is TTS. I am a true small on top. Bottoms I am between sizes. Sometimes a small and sometimes a medium. I went with a small and they fit so well. Joggers always make me nervous. Usually they fit in the waist and then they’re too tight in the thighs. Or they fit in the thighs and there’s a big gap in the waist. Not with these. These are perfection.


    The back of my top is the best part. Be sure to check it out. It has a tulip hem! Ughhhh….back detailing gets me every time! It comes in three colors. I wish I had all three!


    Under Armour-long sleeve top

    Under Armour-Joggers