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    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Just kidding, it’s looked like Christmas in our house for the last three weeks. I am loving it! I love the holidays and decorating our home is one of my favorite parts! Is there really anything more dreamy than a Christmas tree lit?

    I was able to add a few new pieces to our Christmas decor this year. Thought it would be fun to share the details with you! The fact that we didn’t decorate last year is one of the reasons I was so itching to decorate early! The boys and I spent the entire month of December in Washington visiting family. Nick was recruiting all month. So, we decided not to decorate. This year, we will be home till the 23rd and then off to Arizona for Christmas. I didn’t know at the time of decorating that we would be gone for Christmas. Makes me  glad that I decided to delve in and get the house feeling festive early! See…being impatient can sometimes be a good thing! hehe!

    My decor is a mix of hand me downs from my parent’s house and a few new items. This year is the first year I truly did some decor shopping and invested in pieces I chose. Everything I found is either from Target or T.J. Maxx. I had a budget and love how my cost effective purchases made our home so jolly!

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    how to style overalls

    Wondering how to style overalls? I’ve got some style inspiration for you! Personally, I love overalls! They’re such a fun statement piece. Sure, they’re not the easiest thing to be wearing when you need to run to the restroom…but, you know that saying, “beauty is pain”? That’s what I chalk it up to. A little style beauty is totally worth the pain/hassle when it comes to using the bathroom because they’re just so cute! HAHA! Okay, enough potty talk.

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    Holiday Red Dress

    I love a holiday red dress! It makes such a beautiful statement. As we’re heading into December I thought it would be fun to share some outfit inspiration using a red dress. For the next three weeks I’ll be sharing outfit ideas for the holiday season. This week is all about the red dress! Next week we’ll change it up. Already planning for next week’s post; thinking a velvet pant outfit would be super fun!

    Maybe you already have a red dress in your closet and only need to add some accessories! Maybe you’re looking for a completely new get up. Hoping this helps you find the perfect holiday outfit for all your events this December. Continue reading…