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    How to style a tee and boyfriend jeans

    How to style a tee and boyfriend jeans! I took a break from the how to style posts last week. I looked in my closet and was feeling so uninspired. It was also my son’s birthday last week. hehe! To say my mind was else where is spot on. Any who! We are back at it. I sent a request out on Instagram for ideas on what to share in this weekly post; boyfriend jeans were requested multiple times. So, here ya have it! I hope you find these styling ideas inspiring!

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    How to Style a Blazer


    How to style a blazer! I thought it would be fun to share three ways to style a blazer since this past months style column was all about blazers. I took the one blazer I own and styled it for three different kinds of occasions; hoping to share just how versatile a blazer can be! It’s a great option for adding more structure to an outfit. I love how it adds dimension and is a change up from a cardigan. I usually go for a cardigan for my final layer. But, a blazer is just so much fun! I’ll be rocking my blazer a ton come spring! 

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    Let’s Talk Blazers

    Let’s talk blazers! Blazers have been in style for a while now. They’re a great choice for adding structure to an outfit. Whether you’re wearing one in the business world or for the finishing touch to a weekend outfit. Blazers are a great option!

    It seems fair to say blazers are a classic piece of clothing. Perhaps even considered conservative. With that said the thing that excites me about blazers is how they can be worn in ways that are outside the traditional sense. Nonetheless, whether worn a classically or as a way to add a unique touch; blazers can be worn in so many different fashions. They really are an extremely versatile piece of clothing. A closet staple for sure!

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