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    my absolute favorite bracelets of all time…seriously!

    My absolute favorite bracelets are these bad boys right here!! The original roll-on bracelets; made by, Aid Through Trade. First time I ever laid eyes on em’ was several years ago when my sister gifted me a couple for my birthday!! They were beautiful; You can bet I loved them from the get-go! I was sadly unaware of what Aid Through Trade stands for. My sister, Megan told me all about how absolutely amazing Aid Through Trade really is!!!! The real beauty is the story behind how they are made. The Original Roll-On bracelets are handmade in Nepal by female artisans. This company allows for women to rise above poverty through fair trade. Is that not just so exciting?!?! Seriously, so empowering for the women of Nepal and really important!! These bracelets are ethically crafted and come with a lifetime guarantee. To know that the person was fairly paid for their time in developing countries is important and something to be proud of when you make a purchase!
           My sister loves a gift that is meaningful. She definitely pulled through with these beauties! Since then I purchased two more sets over the years! The set photographed above is the mocha set. I love these colors! Perfect for fall- my favorite time of year!! The other thing I love about these bracelets is that they are one size fits all! They easily stretch to fit a larger wrist; one like mine! I have large hands and often struggle to wear bracelets that don’t have a clasp. I never struggle with these, just as they are called the original roll-on bracelet; they roll on with ease! I wear my bracelets regularly. If you watch for my posts or Insta Stories you’ll seem them make a regular appearance as my arm candy of choice! The other thing is that they still look amazing! They don’t look worn out, there are no strings hanging from the beads. In fact, there are no beads missing at all. This wouldn’t be an issue anyway because they offer a lifetime guarantee. But, the fact that Aid Through Trade offers the lifetime guarantee means they truly believe in their products; just as I do!
           With the holidays around the corner, I wanted to share these amazing bracelets now!!! They make such a great gift! They’re not only really pretty and easily dressed up or down. But, the fact that a purchase means you are supporting women in Nepal is even more amazing! The best kind of gift for anyone who loves some good arm candy! Photographed above is the sweet packaging that comes with any purchase. The bracelets come with a tag that has the name of the woman handwritten on a little card stating, handmade with love in Nepal by, in this case, Indy! Such a personal touch. I love that every time I wear my roll on’s I know I am supporting a woman in Nepal through fair trade! The bracelets come in a cute little canvas pouch and a note card with a short description about Aid Through Trade. The perfect way to let that someone know how meaningful their bracelets truly are.
    This particular set: Mocha/$38 *This set is new. I have yet to wear them; I’ll be sure to share the first time I style them!!!
    Browse and shop these beauties:

    Jord Watch Giveaway!

    I have the pleasure of working with the Jord watch company. Jord watches offer unique and stylish timepieces. Who doesn’t love a fun accessory that is sure to stand out? This particular watch is a men’s design. However, there many beautiful pieces made for women as well! On a personal note, I found this timepiece to mean more to me because of the wood design. My husband’s wedding band has wood laid in the center of it. I love that his ring is unique! Once I saw these watches I thought how fun would that be for him to have a watch that has the same attention to detail. The particular watch photographed above is the skeleton watch. The fact that you can see the inner workings of the watch is really exciting to me! This paired with the wood creates a really intriguing timepiece!

    With the holidays just around the corner, I can’t help but think about what a great gift this watch or any other watch form Jord will make. Plus, making a purchase with a discount? Yes, please! Starting in November I make a list of all the people I will be purchasing a gift for and make tentative notes for what I would like to give them. A Jord watch is definitely something I would find on my list for loved ones! I can already say I will be writing down my dad next to a piece like this!

    Enter the giveaway by a simple click of the mouse, fill out the form, and hit submit! That’s it! One winner will receive a $100 e-gift card towards a watch. Every single other entrant will receive a $25 e-gift card! How cool!! Love a giveaway that leaves no one behind!

    Be sure to enter by October 29th! Giveaway ends at 11 pm.


    In the meantime browse and shop their watches here:

    Now, for a few really cool details on Jord! Every single Jord watch is made with 100% natural, hand-finished materials. The one photographed above has the skeleton dial. I just love this description! Truly a beautiful timepiece! Each watch is made with sapphire crystal glass. The wood from each watch is splash-proof. As a stay at home mom I love this aspect! There are a ton of dishes to do each day. I need to know that a little water won’t ruin the wood.

    Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or concerns!

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