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    Saturday Comfort

    saturday comfort

    Happy weekend friends; I’m starting off this Saturday in comfort! I would love to get to know all of you more! Comment what you are up to this weekend. Keeping it low key? Or maybe it’s a super busy weekend?


    We’ve got plans today for heading to Nick’s work. The football recruits are in town and the families of the coaches are invited to meet the players and enjoy a BBQ! The boys and I love visiting Cal. Seeing Nick in his element and getting to further our relationship with the football players is such a sweet blessing.


    I placed an Under Armour order a week ago and just received the packages. You can bet I was trying it all on as soon as I saw the package at the front door. I can never wait to see how the pieces fit. I gotta know now! What about you? Do you need to try it all on stat!? Or are you more likely to take your time and let it linger for a bit? My mom is more of that kind of shopper. She’ll receive a package and wait days before trying it out. hehe! Funny how we are all so different.

    Anyways, I actually love everything I got! I was a bit surprised. Usually, there is at least one thing that isn’t quite right. The fit, color, style. Etc. But, I am so excited about all the pieces. I’ll be sharing the rest later on in the week.


    But, for now I thought I’d add the links for you to check out my top and joggers. Soooo comfy! Soooo cute! Soft and fit is TTS. I am a true small on top. Bottoms I am between sizes. Sometimes a small and sometimes a medium. I went with a small and they fit so well. Joggers always make me nervous. Usually they fit in the waist and then they’re too tight in the thighs. Or they fit in the thighs and there’s a big gap in the waist. Not with these. These are perfection.


    The back of my top is the best part. Be sure to check it out. It has a tulip hem! Ughhhh….back detailing gets me every time! It comes in three colors. I wish I had all three!


    Under Armour-long sleeve top

    Under Armour-Joggers


    How to style your linen pants

    Hi there! Macca here, a stay at home mother of two boys (18m apart), football coach wife to my high school sweetheart, lover of Christ, and fashion lover! As I was writing this column I couldn’t help but feel so excited; I mean, to share my love for fashion is just everything! Since I was young, I have always been interested in style. Dressing up and creating cute outfits was my jam and still is! My family is new to California and loving it! The sunshine is killer (in a good way) and Walnut Creek is my new happy place. Since moving to the Bay area, I started a style blog ( as an outlet for all things fashion. I also use Instagram as a platform for my website (@maccarose_). Unsure of where that venture would lead me; I am so stinking excited that it has led me here; to this moment- sharing my passion with you! Never in a million years did I think I would share my ideas with others through the pages of a magazine. I am so thankful and excited!

    With that, let us dive in! I thought I would start out with what I like to call “clothing insurance”. One way to make sure any item is a good purchase is having the knowledge of three or more ways to style it. For this issue we are going to use a linen pair of pants. Summer is here and linen is the perfect lightweight material for those hot days. Linen pants are so versatile! Truly, they can be worn casually for daywear and easily dressed up for a luncheon or night out on the town.

    First look: This is for daywear. Super casual, comfortable, and easy going. Pair your linen pants with sandals or tennis shoes, a solid or printed top, and/or lightweight scarf and finish it off with a denim jacket. Balance is key. If the pants are loose and flowy, the top should have some structure. It is attractive to the eye when there is a balance. If the pants are high waisted and the top is loose don’t be afraid to add a knot to the shirt for a little visual interest; as I did below. Adding an accessory like a denim jacket or scarf furthers the dimension of your look; creates awesome visual interest.

    linen pants


    Second look: This look is perfect for most occasions. Great for weekend brunch, a casual yet sophisticated dinner date, hanging out with friends or family, or just because. I like this one the most because it is appropriate for so many occasions. Pair the linen pants with wedges or sandals with a heel. The height on the shoe adds so much versatility. The shoe is not super dressy. However, the height means something. It allows the look to be casual if need be or dressy. A certain sort of effort is implied when you pair wedges or heels to an outfit. Again, pair with a solid or printed top. Something with structure. A fitted tank or crochet top. Crochet is always fun with linen. The texture of a crochet top balances out the flat linen fabric.

    linen pants

    Third look: Let’s get dressy! A strappy heel is a way to go for dressing up linen pants. Whether you like height and want 4” heels or prefer a kitten heel the pants will take on a whole new look when a sassy leopard print or nude heel. This go around making the top a dressy material and go with something blouse-like. A silky tank tucked in and a bold necklace or statement earrings will completely transform your linen pants. If you are really getting into it, add a bold lip for the perfect final addition. Lipstick is my favorite way to pull a look together and in this case, bold really does make a statement for dressier occasions.

    linen pants

    linen pants

    Final thoughts:

    With any of these outfits, the finishing touch is what makes the look. Statement earrings, a necklace, bold lipstick, or scarf is a great way to add dimension and visual interest to any outfit.


    Keep the bones of your outfit as is; your top and the linen pants. Change the denim jacket to a structured blazer and switch out the sandals for a heeled sandal. Voila! Easy changes for a dramatically different effect.

    linen pants

    linen pants











    hair turban headband for the win!


    Recently found a turban headband at Nordstrom, and am so excited! My hair is getting longer and able to fit in a pony. Really loving how my hair fits in a pony holder. However, I tend to get headaches when my hair is pulled back tight. On a recent shopping trip with my hubby we came across these headbands. I tried one on and thought it looked so cute. We left without the accessory; but, I kept thinking about them! Such a telling way for me to know if I just like something in the moment or if it’s something I would enjoy for a long time. Anywho! These bad boys are soo cute!


    When to wear: ANY TIME!! hehe. I plan on wearing these on lazy days, trips to the store days, date night days. Really versatile. Kind of like throwing on a hat; but easier to dress up. The days where I need to wash my hair but don’t want to throw on the turban. Days when my waves are lackluster from being 3 days old, throw on the turban. Want my hair out of my face- throw on the turban! hehe!

    Fit: One size fits all. They’re super stretchy and very comfortable.