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avarcas pons

Okay, I am in love with these sandals! They are perfection. The fit is divine. The color is so cute. The style is so fun! I haven’t purchased a pair of sandals since before my son Kashmir was born. He is now two years old. I was in the market for a new pair that would be super functional and easy to style with different looks. So, when my Insta friend (who I also went to college with and lived in the same housing community) posted about her Avarcas sandals I was super excited! Something totally different from what I have owned in the past. She posted several ways to wear hers which I loved! Totally checking every box for the type of sandal I was looking for! Versatility is how I talk myself into a purchase. Bonus, Avarcas USA Pons are locally made! I just love when the product is local!

A couple who live in San Diego, CA. are co-founders of the USA label. The original Pons come from Spain and are 100% handmade.

avarcas pons

Happy Shopping!

Avarcas-Pons Ankle Strap//Avarcas-Pons Classic//

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