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Saturday Comfort

saturday comfort

Happy weekend friends; I’m starting off this Saturday in comfort! I would love to get to know all of you more! Comment what you are up to this weekend. Keeping it low key? Or maybe it’s a super busy weekend?


We’ve got plans today for heading to Nick’s work. The football recruits are in town and the families of the coaches are invited to meet the players and enjoy a BBQ! The boys and I love visiting Cal. Seeing Nick in his element and getting to further our relationship with the football players is such a sweet blessing.


I placed an Under Armour order a week ago and just received the packages. You can bet I was trying it all on as soon as I saw the package at the front door. I can never wait to see how the pieces fit. I gotta know now! What about you? Do you need to try it all on stat!? Or are you more likely to take your time and let it linger for a bit? My mom is more of that kind of shopper. She’ll receive a package and wait days before trying it out. hehe! Funny how we are all so different.

Anyways, I actually love everything I got! I was a bit surprised. Usually, there is at least one thing that isn’t quite right. The fit, color, style. Etc. But, I am so excited about all the pieces. I’ll be sharing the rest later on in the week.


But, for now I thought I’d add the links for you to check out my top and joggers. Soooo comfy! Soooo cute! Soft and fit is TTS. I am a true small on top. Bottoms I am between sizes. Sometimes a small and sometimes a medium. I went with a small and they fit so well. Joggers always make me nervous. Usually they fit in the waist and then they’re too tight in the thighs. Or they fit in the thighs and there’s a big gap in the waist. Not with these. These are perfection.


The back of my top is the best part. Be sure to check it out. It has a tulip hem! Ughhhh….back detailing gets me every time! It comes in three colors. I wish I had all three!


Under Armour-long sleeve top

Under Armour-Joggers


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