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Smile Brilliant

smile brilliant toothbrush

When Smile Brilliant reached and offered an electric toothbrush for my review, I jumped at the offer! I had yet to own an ultrasonic electric toothbrush. With years of going to the dentist and always having a cavity, I definitely wanted one in hopes of it helping with my horrors at the dentists’ office! (I’m sure I could decrease the sugar consumption as well) But, let’s start with the toothbrush. Okay?)


Comes with a toothbrush handle, charging base, and two brush heads.

My Thoughts:

I love this toothbrush! I’m upset with myself for not starting use of an ultrasonic electric toothbrush sooner! I love how clean my teeth feel after each use! I love the options for cleaning (see below #3). I love how the brush head is interchangeable- perfect for sharing with your spouse!

smile brilliant toothbrush

For You:

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  1. First…it feels so good that my teeth feel so smooth and clean after every brushing. They literally feel like I just left the dentist. For so many years, I thought that was only possible to feel that clean after visiting the dentist for a cleaning. However, that is not the case! I know. I know. I am behind the times! But, in any case, my mouth now feels so wonderfully clean morning, noon, and night! No exaggeration.
  2. The toothbrush operates for two minutes with brief pauses between each 30-second interval. This is my FAVORITE feature! If you are anything like me, you use your regular toothbrush and brush like a spaz. Haha! I would start on the right left, then jump to the left bottom, then to the front top…brushing aimlessly! Now, I can simply follow instructions and start on one of the quadrants of the mouth and stay in that vicinity until the toothbrush pauses; indicating when to move on to the next quadrant. (Although, sometimes I get back to my old habits and will start moving around…only to remember that my toothbrush does the work for me! Follow directions, Macca!)
  3. There are five brush settings. YES…FIVE! I love this feature so much. The options are; clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive. I use clean every day; and intermittently add white, massage, or gum care to the days care routine.


  1.  You can use the brush or scraper on the back of the head as a means to clean your tongue. However, I feel like the brush is too small and the bristles too soft. In which case, I use my regular non-electric toothbrush. This is really a personal preference. My husband, Nick uses the Ultrasonic brush to clean his tongue and he feels like it does the trick!


I actually went to the dentist after having started using the toothbrush and left with no cavities! Whoop! Whoop! I’m sure it is in part to my efforts of consuming less sugar. However, I am certain that this toothbrush is helping. No way they can feel this clean and not play a roll in the health of my mouth.

Check it out:

To check things out for yourself head on over to their website: Smile Brilliant


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