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Summer is in full swing with fall fast approaching. Just so happens that fall is my favorite time of year! I am pretty much thinking about how any piece could work for that time of year! In any case, I thought it would be fun to discuss how to style a dress for summer and transition it into fall. Some pieces are not able to transition from season to season. However, a dress is something that is perfect for transitioning! The most important part is color scheme. The colors that work well for every season are muted (subtle) hues and deep/dark colors. A bubble gum pink dress or sunshine yellow dress is great for summer. However, will not likely transition well into fall. On the other side a dress, that is a rich berry hue or deep blue is perfect for all seasons- summer, fall, winter, and spring. Certain colors are appropriate for year-round wear! I love when a piece of clothing is wearable for more than one season.

The Dress:

Any length dress is perfect for seasonal transitions. The only rule of thumb is to stay away from anything too bright. Yellow is great for any season. It just depends on the type of yellow. For example, bright yellow is best for summer or spring. Mustard yellow is great for summer, fall, winter, and spring. I discussed muted hues earlier and wanted to touch on this. A muted hue encompasses colors like; blush pink, cream, beige, and grey. The dress I chose to style has a floral print. The background is beige with navy, burgundy, blush pink and brown accents. I love florals for any time of year! Nevertheless, the guidelines apply to any type of dress, whether patterned or solid.

Finishing Touches:

The pieces that take a dress from summer to fall include the jacket, purse, and shoes. For summer, pair your dress with sandals or wedges. Come fall, switch them out for a fun pair of flats, booties, or tall boots depending on the length of the dress.

During summer, a jacket may not be needed. However, if one is needed a denim jacket is perfect. When fall arrives wear a leather or suede moto jacket, or long cardigan.

Lastly, I used a large white leather bag for my summer look. For fall, I chose a black clutch as a way to tie in my black booties.

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