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Summer wine list

white wine A few nights ago I asked the Insta world for white wine recommendations. I must say this is one of the first times I’ve gotten so many responses! Typically, I ask a question and maybe one person answers. I was so excited by the engagement. Apparently, I need to talk about wine more! hehe! Anyways, a few people wanted to know the recommendations. I searched the brands and linked the ones I could find. All of them are in the $10 range. Super reasonable! I haven’t tried any of these. But, I am excited to give them a go! I’m not usually a sweet wine person. However, I used to not be a red wine person either.  Haha!! So, never say never!

These are all recommendations from direct messages on Instagram. Thank you to the lovely ladies who offered ideas! XO

Firefly Ridge-Pinot Gris


Stella Rose-Peach

Stella Rose- Platinum

Snoqualmie- Reisling

Kirkland- Sangria

Do it yourself Sangria- Buy 2 buck chuck and throw in some fruit (watermelon is recommended) Add sprite or brandy.

I couldn’t find a couple of them online. But, here are the ideas. If you are able to find them let me know!

  • Scheid Odd Lot White
  • Carrocioli-champagne

white wine

I picked up a couple bottles of Chardonnay to try. Nick and I tried one of them. I really enjoyed it. Nick said it wasn’t his favorite.

Trader Joe’s Purchase based on clerk recommendation:

  • Churn- Chardonnay*haven’t tried
  • Caretaker- Chardonnay*Tried

Please feel free to drop a comment for any other ideas! Always, looking for fun beverages!

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