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swimsuit season

Swimsuit season is upon us! I love a good suit. But, I never seem to take part in all the hullabaloo. Partially because I don’t find myself wearing a swimsuit much and partially because I buy suits that break the bank and then feel guilty buying new ones. So, I wear the expensive one till it wears out and then start the process over. I can be a brand snob and fell victim to it in the swimsuit arena. Such a silly thing! I was missing out on all of these fabulous swimsuit options because I thought the higher price tag meant better quality. 

Quality over Quantity?

I’ve always been a quality over quantity person. Investment pieces last and the material is nice an thick, great stretch which is why I tend to go that route. There is something to the higher price tag. But, honestly the suits I found as ASOS and Target aren’t bad. There are a few things like the seam is a little wonky or the stitching isn’t done quite as well. But, for the most part these are great options and a way better route than spending over $100 for one swimsuit.

So this swimsuit season I am changing things up! I went all out and purchased a ton of suits from to try out. I also found a few from Target! Non of which are more than $30. 

These purchases were made with the intentions of wearing them in Hawaii on vacation this summer. With that said these don’t have the most coverage. I’d say not the best for building sand castles with the kiddos. More like swimsuits to rock without the kiddos. 

Swimsuit Season

So with that let’s get to talking swimsuits! I took photos of each and below each photo is a description of sizing and fit. Each swimsuit is linked at the bottom of the post. For sizing reference I am 5’4 and 143lb, 34B, size small. 

ASOS-One Piece Swimsuits

My thoughts: This one piece is so much fun! I love the tropical floral print and bold color palette. The high leg is so flattering and totally elongates my not so long legs. I love the low cut side detail. Just adds a littler something extra. The back side has coverage but it is definitely cheeky, 

Sizing: I was able to get it on but, it was definitely too tight. Felt like it was digging in a bit. I went with a medium but would need to size up to a large for comfort. 

My thoughts: Okay, this one is a winner! This suit is a keeper, for sure!! I wanted one one piece to take on the trip and this one is my favorite. I love the unique open tummy with the bow. It’s not practical and I love that! It’s sassy and super fun! The material is a crinkle fabric. It gives the suit some nice texture. AND it’s on sale!! Makes it even more enticing! $30.50

Sizing: One size 

My thoughts: Love the colors on this suit. Super flattering. I love the deep v neckline. I’d say out of all the suits this one is the most mom life appropriate. Definitely offers the most coverage. The bottom seem did turn a bit and I could see the white of the inside. One of those things where this suit just doesn’t have a structured hemline. It felt a bit cheap.

Sizing: I tried the 6 and would have needed to size up to an 8. The straps were pulling down to tight and smashing my chest.

ASOS-Bikini Swimsuits

My thoughts: Had such high hopes for this suit! Mostly because it’s a style I’ve never had and I loved the matching sarong! Just felt so pretty in it. However, the way the neck ties was really uncomfortable. The cross halter neckline are two separate straps that you pull around your neck and to tighten needs to be pulled and tied in a bow behind the neck.

Would have loved to keep this swimsuit. But, I just couldn’t breath. haha! I think if I had a fuller chest and didn’t need to pull it up so tight to hold me in it might have worked. A full chest would have allowed for the cups to be filled out naturally rather than by me pulling it so tight to make the suit fit. Also, the under seam did turn out a bit and you could see the white under side on the chest. Didn’t love that. This could have been a side effect from tying the top so dang tight.

Sizing: I went with a size 4 on top and a 6 on bottom; would have needed to go to down to a 4 in the bottoms. They were gaping in the front and the bum was loose. The sarong is a size small

My thoughts: I love the concept of this suit The top is a pullover style. So, no big bow or clasp n the back that hurts when you are lounging. The colors are fun and I love the knot detail on both the top and bottom. The bottoms offer cheeky coverage. 

Sizing: Top size 4 Bottoms size 6. The top was too snug. A size 6 would fit much better. It barely covered my chest. Any raise of an arm and the top would have been showing some major under cleavage. 

My thoughts: Such a fun suit! It’s simple the pattern speaks for itself and adding the sarong and hat just made me feel so sassy! The coverage is minimal. But, for a vacay with my hubby and our friends It’s a fun suit! Definitely, keeping this one! I love the hat for the size and look. But, it felt cheap. For the price tag of $26 it’s a good option! 

Sizing: Top size 4 bottom size 6. I need to go up one in both the top and bottoms. They were both a bit too snug. 

My Thoughts: Comfortable. Easy to wear, no fussing with and love the simple solid green. I am usually drawn to florals, pinks, and the most girlie swimsuits possible. But, I like the change of pace with the green. I like the idea of the swimsuit cover up. But, it wasn’t comfortable I felt like it was going to stick to me and make me even more sweaty and hot out in the summer sun.

Sizing: Top size 4 bottoms size 6. The top is too tight. I went up one size. The bottoms fit well. These are a high leg option and the behind coverage is cheeky. The bottoms aren’t super snug. Feels like there is some extra material that (SORRY TMI) may create a wedgie when walking. I wasn’t bothered by it but, might be something to think about. 

My Thoughts: The ruffle detail is so sweet. Love the way the top creates some visual interest. However, I felt restricted in the top. Definitely a suit for looks and not practicality. The bottoms were really loose too. Lots of extra material in the hindquarters. 

Sizing: Top size 4. Bottoms size 6. This was a theme…I need to only buy size 6 tops. 4’s in a bikini top is just too small! The bottoms I would have tried a 4 but, I would worry the waistband would then be too tight. 

My Thoughts: Cute, basic bikini! The colors are great. But, didn’t excite me when I put it on. The top did the same thing as some of the previous suits. The seam started to turn and you could see the underside of the suit. The straps are a true tie which is nice; easy to adjust coverage. 

Sizing: Top size 4 bottoms size 6. Both the top and bottom fit well in these sizes. 

Target-Bikini Swimsuits


My Thoughts: I am in love! This is my typical type of suite purchase. I love the bright colors and floral print! The bottoms are a ruffle style with a ruched middle. I did not think these would fit well but they are amazing! They stay put and are really flattering. The coverage is super cheeky! If you don’t mind that than these are a great option!

Sizing: Top size 32B. Bottoms size medium. The cup size does run large. The reviews agree with this. Size down in the top for sure!

My Thoughts: Love! I went with the mismatch look for this one. Love the ruffle bottoms like the ones above. The top to match was a bit much for me so I opted for a more basic top. 

Sizing: Top size small. Bottoms size medium. The top is a bit too big. But, the xsmall is sold out. I am keeping my eye on it and hope to order the xsmall. But, will keep if it doesn’t come back. The bottoms are the same brand and style as the above but the medium that fit in the yellow floral is too big in the navy floral. So, I will have to exchange for a small in these. 

There ya have it! I did return and exchange for some of the suits that didn’t work! Stay tuned for an updated swimsuit haul! Hope you found this helpful for you and your swimsuit hunt. 

Thanks for reading dear ones!

*This post may contain affiliate links to products I use and love. Read more on my FAQ page.*

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      Thank you!! It’s been a lot of hard work! So happy it’s paying off! 🙂

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