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Under Armour Athletic Wear

under armour gear

I’ll be honest, I am all about the Under Armour gear because Cal is sponsored by Under Armour. When They were sponsored by Nike; I was all about Nike. But, I will say I am enjoying more of the UA pieces than the Nike pieces I have and the prices are much more affordable!

I wanted to share this t-shirt. It comes in five colors. I bought two of them! Blush pink because we all know it’s my favorite color! I also chose the bright reddish-orange color (Nick is drawn towards the brighter colors). Does anyone else make purchases because they know their spouse will like it? hehe! I gravitate towards muted tones and he is the complete opposite. I love this top though. It will be nice to have in both colors.under armour gear


The fit is true to size. I am a true small on top and the fit is great. Not too tight and not too loose.


Under Armour-top *EXACT

Under Armour- leggings *SIMILAR

Under Armour-running shoes *EXACT

Under Armour- sports bra *SIMILAR

under armour gear

Fit tip:

I have been out of the exercise game for a couple weeks. We’ve been so busy! So, today the boys and I went for a walk. Felt like I needed to ease my way into it. So, my fit tip is while on a walk be sure to engage your core, glutes, and basically any muscle you can squeeze while still maintaining a semi-normal looking stride…haha! You can squeeze your muscles all day long if you really want to! Can’t hurt, that’s for sure!

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