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wedding guest attire

wedding guest

Wedding Guest attire excitement:

I have always felt that wedding guest attire is something to get excited about! A chance to get all gussied up and enjoy a night celebrating love! The excitement also stems from the fact that my typical attire consists of legging and a t-shirt. Literally,  have been on the hunt for a dress for the past month and have probably ordered twenty! All of them falling flat; either it was too big, too short, too small, not the right look, you name it. All of them felt lackluster. Why am I putting so much weight on one dress?!? I started to feel really silly! I guess when you add all the qualities of someone like me together it makes for an obsessive endeavor. Fashion lover + lover or love + typically in casual attire + wedding dance floor(I LOVE to dance)…is the making for someone who wants to make sure her outfit is as much of a perfect vision as possible; perfect being something I feel comfortable in, confident in, and is appropriate for the occasion.

The Dress:

wedding guest


I literally started looking for a dress at the end of April!!! It is now June 1st and I found THE dress last weekend. Not sure why i’ts been such a process?!? On the hanger, the dress looked meh. The thing that caught my eye was the neckline. With a small chest, I have always felt this cut on my shoulders is flattering. I tried it on at Nordstrom and the second I had the fabric on it felt amazing! Laid beautifully and hugged in all the right areas. I love the open back and the pattern play with the geometrics and polka dots! So fun! Love the visual interest. The fabric felt swanky and added a sense of sophistication.


The dress is made by Topshop. I have found this brand to be hit or miss. The fit is off sometimes. I have a red dress that I love by Topshop. Found it again in blue thought maybe I’ll wear it for the wedding. However, once it arrived the fit was awful! Fit nothing like the red. It was so strange! Anyways, the fit in the dress I ended up choosing is not great. Yes, it lays wonderfully and I love the cut. The size I tried fit perfectly in the hips. Yet, way too big in the upper body. I ordered one size smaller and it fit perfectly in the chest and was to snug in the hips.


The fit being off could be a deal breaker. But, I love it! Love it! Love it! The patterns, colors, fit, length, open back, bow, fabric! For me, alterations are worth it! I feel good in the dress and with two weddings this summer I feel it’s worth the investment. The $90 price tag was reasonable enough for me to justify alterations. Of course, everyone has their price point. But, after trying 20 dresses and the way I felt in this one. I had to go for it!

Why it’s perfect for a wedding: 

The length, color scheme, and fabric are all appropriate for a wedding. I always feel a bit worried what the bride and groom are expecting. This dress is the perfect amount of dressy and sassy for any type of wedding. I really feel it is appropriate for a dressy wedding as well as a more casual wedding. The versatility helps to make me feel confident that I won’t be underdressed or overdressed. It kind of slips into either or type of wedding attire. It’s also just a funky dress which I kind of love. Something totally outside what I would usually go.

wedding guest

Finishing Touch: 

Okay! blush pink is my all time favorite color. This dress has hints of light pink. When I noticed this I immediately thought of how pink heels would pop and be such a fun addition. Something different than the usual nude heel. I had to jump at the chance of a pointy pink heel!

I also, plan to add big white earrings. The high neckline doesn’t allow for a necklace. So why not go big and add a big pair of earrings! I linked the pair I plan on wearing.

If you’re looking for a unique dress for a fun occasion or for a wedding like me then I hope you give this little number a try! It’s sassy and oh so cute!

Thanks for stopping by! PS: I do not think the way the dress looks online does it justice.


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