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Week 2 Instagram Round up

It’s Instagram round up time and I cannot wait to share! There are tons of links, my starbucks drink order, sizing info, and more! So, let’s get to it. You ready? Grab your cup of joe and take a peak at all the details!

#1instagram round up

  • Great basic pieces are a staple in my closet! I love these classic t-shirts. I have several- short sleeve, long sleeve, boat neck, crew neck, ballet scoop back, stripes, solid…you name it. Over the years, I have built quilt the collection. The thing is Gap makes the best tee’s. The cotton is thick, soft, never pills, never stretches out, and can be found on sale year round! I only buy these bad boys when Gap is having a sale. So, be sure to wait till they’re having a sale.
  • Gap sizing: I typically size down in Gap clothing. I do have a few in my regular size. However, for the most part I like when my tee’s like the one above is really fitted. Perfect for layering under my overalls or under a sweatshirt.

#2Fall Must HavesOctober’s issue of Alive magazine is published! If you’re new to my blog; I write the style column for Alive magazine. For this issue I discussed a few fall must haves for your closet. It worked out that the pieces are pretty much all interchangeable. I love how it became a fall capsule! If you haven’t read the post yet be sure to check it out once you’re done reading this post of course. 😉 Click the link: Alive Magazine: October Style Column


instagram round up

  • The boys were sick two weeks ago. I worked really hard to ensure I did not get sick. Making sure I got good sleep, took my vitamins, and didn’t share any food or drinks. Well, the dang bug got me the following week and thus, this cozy get up’! My matching lounge set is old but, I found a few really cute sets link below!
  • When I’m sick I like to drink lots and lots of tea! I drank a lot of Traditional Medicinials- Throat Coat. I also like to drink a homemade apple cider vinegar tea.  RECIPE: 8-12oz of hot water, 1-2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, freshed squeezed lemon, 1 tablespoon raw honey. Traditional Medicinals Tea

#4instagram round up

I decorated for Halloween a bit late this year. I was loving my fall décor and thought about leaving it as is for October. After catching a glimpse of my friend’s décor I went straight home and took the few goodies I had tucked away and created this Halloween themed mantle. Minus the real mini pumpkins all of my Halloween décor is from Target! I found so many “this year” versions and all at great prices. At this point everything is on sale and would be perfect to snag for next year. PS. I love the idea of shopping sale prices for the following year. But, I am terrible at actually following through with this method. Are you good at this? If so, teach me your ways! How can I get better at shopping off season! *No recipe for this muffin- store bought and so good! If you’ve got a Sprouts in your neck of the woods try out their pumpkin muffins! Sooo good.

#5instagram round up

I love how this outfit is so basic. So easy to throw on and looks put together with no effort. This the best part about dresses! You look like you made an effort but, really it’s the best way to make no effort at all. I didn’t get to wear this outfit but, I hope to wear it out or a family dinner soon! The kicks are a perfect shoe for mom-ing it up and gives a fun casual vibe.


instagram round upWould you believe I’ve had these jeans for 10 years!? HAHA! They’re so old. I got them my first year of college. I typically gravitated towards fitted jeans. Skinny is my go to. Hence the reason these jeans are still going strong. I don’t love the color. They’re a tad too shiny for my liking. But, with wide leg jeans being on trend I figured I might as well give em’ a go! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had them in the giveaway pile. lol! I could never bring myself to actually let go of them. Good thing, makes it fun to take part in the wide leg jean fun!

#7Instagram round up

  • Sunday morning was chilly! I loved it!! It’s now currently 80 degrees. Much too hot for my uggs, chunky knit cardi, and scarf. But, it was fun to dress in cozy layers while the chilly weather lasted.
  • I ran to the store at 8am to quickly grab a couple things for dinner before Nick had to head off to work. The weather was perfection. I also stopped and grabbed a hot coffee. Something about a Sunday morning coffee run! Right? I ordered a venti, soy, two pump pumpkin spice latte. What’s your order? Do you try and mimic their verbiage? I used to say my drink all jumbled and they’d repeat it back to me in the order they prefer. For some reason this bothered me. Perhaps it was the feeling of being corrected? haha! So I practiced and began to order my drink in the way they prefer. No more corrections! I believe this is how they say it: Hot or iced, size, milk of choice, flavor, and type of coffee.

And that’s it for this weeks edition of the Instagram round up! Hope you found it helpful and as always leave a comment with any questions or let me know what you think of the banana bread recipe I may be making a cup of coffee and cutting a piece as we “speak”! 


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