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How to style faux leather leggings

This edition of “Thursday Three” is all about how to style faux leather leggings. These particular pair are by SPANX. I love them. They’re thick, hold it all in, and the leather like sheen adds some pizazz! The price tag is a bit steep but, the quality makes it totally worth it! To be honest, I struggle with leggings. Too often they’re worn as pants and are completely see through in the day light. I don’t want to flash others nor, do I want people to flash me. Hehe! I say just do the tooshie in the mirror test. You know when you try a new pair of leggings or workout pants and bend over with your tooshie in the mirror to make sure you can not see skin.  And if you can see skin; I feel the pants need to be treated as tights. Only worn when something is long enough to cover your bikini area. 

How to Style Faux Leather Leggings

My Tip

Before we get started with the outfits. Here is my one tip when wearing these bad boys. Be sure to wear tunic length tops. Whether it’s a tee, button down, sweater, tank top, or blouse. I don’t treat these as pants. They’re leggings and if I were to wear something waist length it would look more like a pair of workout leggings. Of course this is a personal preference. 

First look

how to style faux leather leggings

I really love this one! First time styling the leggings this way. Perfect for casual day wear that looks put together and so comfy! My tee is oversized…not considered quite tunic length. However, it still covers my hips completely and the long cardigan adds to the length of coverage. Pair your long tee cardi with a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go! FINISHING TOUCH: I like when it looks like I’m not wearing socks. Toe socks are perfect for keeping your shoes from getting stinky and keeping the socks from showing above the shoe.

Second look

how to style faux leather leggings

Throw on a tunic length sweater in any color, add a scarf, and over the knee boots for a more dressed up look. This one is pretty simple and again so comfortable. 

Third look

how to style faux leather leggings

I love mixing black and brown. The rule to never mix the two is in the past and is a fun way to create dimension. A tunic length button down and long cardi with booties is another way to create a completed look that is way more dressy than the leggings inherently are. Love how these are so easily dressed up for an appropriate, well put together look. 

Bonus Look

how to style faux leather leggings

For the bonus outfit the pieces are simple and probably the most expected for these leggings. Which, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! I live for comfy, cozy, casual wear! This is a go to look for the typical day. Choose an oversized pullover sweatshirt and a pair of kicks for the ultimate athleisure ensemble! 

There ya have it friends! A little style inspiration for wearing a pair of faux leather leggings.


If you’re in the market for the pair by SPANX you may want to size up one size. Typically, I am a small. However, I sized up to a medium. I will say the small felt okay in my waist. However, I carry my weight in the lower half and the small was way too tight on my legs. The medium still fits really well on my waist and are way more comfortable on my legs. 

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