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Instagram Round up!

The Instagram Round up will be the second weekly post commitment! If you read my last post title, “Thursday Three” you know, I challenged myself to some consistency and will be posting at least twice a week. First is the weekly round up on Monday for the week prior. This way you can shop my pieces, get the recipes, find my workout, or get my lipstick info. The second is Thursday Three, where I will be sharing three ways to style one item each week!

Truly, I feel like I have been saying I need to actually commit to this space I’ve created for so long. Now is the time to invest more and all thanks to the fact that my computer pooped out on me. Oh how blessings come to fruition. Right? What felt like a major bummer; was actually a way to wake me up and get me invested, motivated, and excited for some regularity on

With that, this is the first week’s round up!


fall recipe

  • Last weekend I made banana bread. It was delicious! I added walnuts and chocolate chips to the recipe. Half a cup of each. Below is the recipe! I baked it for 45 min. The recipe calls for 50-60min but, I found that it was done at 45min. I also used less sugar and make sure to use 3 bananas!
  • Link to recipe: Banana Bread
  • The kitchen towel was a Fall gift from my mom. She mailed it to me and it arrived the same day I made this treat. It is so sweet and perfect for this time of year! Receive 20% off after spending $50 with the code: DEERFRIEND discount code ends October 8th.
  • The cake platter I found at Target prior to Kyrie’s birthday. It is darling. I love the metal and wood pairing with a real glass cover. Link: Cake Stand


jogger outfitI love how joggers are in! They can be dressed up and dressed down. Seriously so versatile! I’ll be sharing 3 ways to style them for Thursday Three coming soon. These joggers fit TTS.SHOP THE OUTFIT: 

outfit post
Took this photo a day before I posted it. Had planned on wearing it to my hair appointment. But, once it came time to get ready for my apt. it was 5pm and I was tired; just wanted to be cozy. Opted for a long sleeve t-shirt and leggings! It was so comfy. But, that leaves this awesome outfit to wear for another day! I am thinking this look will definitely be my go to for when I decide to get out of my go to athleisure style. hehe!
  • SIZING: The denim fits TTS. I’m between sizes. Sometimes I can wear a 26 and sometimes I can wear a 27. I liked the 26 for my waist. Fit so snug and wasn’t moving an inch. I like that fit in the waist. However, my legs don’t always fit a 26 well. So, I opted for the 27. The legs were just too tight in the 26. Felt much better going up a size. While the waist does feel looser it isn’t saggy and stays put. The jeans are so stretchy and after wearing them all day I can confidently say they DIDN’T STRETCH OUT!

  • I have been burnt out with the workout videos. My go to for so long has been Fitness Blender videos. I love them! But, I’m currently feeling burnt out. These last two weeks I’ve been running for 15-25 min. After running, I’ll do a circuit of four or five exercised 4x through.
  • On this day I took a Barre class! I was so nervous. But, it was seriously amazing! I loved it. The class was so hard. I was good and sore the next day! That’s when you know you’ve had a good workout.
  • An example of a circuit you could try this week! repeat 3x or 4x through. Or as many as you can get through! If you’re just starting out do 2x through. If you’re super advanced do 5x or more. Listen to your body and push yourself past comfort without it being a pain that is unbearable.
    • 25 jumping jacks
    • 20 pushups
    • 15 squats
    • 30 raised leg crunches
    • 10 burpees
  • My workout clothes are old. They’re by Zella at Nordstrom. Zella is my favorite exercise line. The leggings stay put and there are so many high rise options- which is the most flattering in my opinion. I’m wearing a small in both the leggings and sports bra. My typical size for Zella gear.


nordstrom dress
  • I wore this outfit for our trip to Arizona. The wives of the football coaches are invited to one game a year and this wear was the Arizona game. The dress code is business casual. I absolutely loved this outfit for our trip. I felt put together and comfortable for the two hour flight. I wore this to the Cal dinner that night as well. It transitioned perfectly from day to night.
  • SIZING: The dress is a medium. I am typically a small. However, the brand recommends to size up for a looser fit. I could use a small in the midsection. However, the medium fit my lower half much better than the small. I would recommend sizing up one from your typical size. The color is purple taupe heather. My BP booties run small. Mine are a half size up from my typical size.




the north faceI wore this outfit to the Cal game in Arizona. The denim are the same as the denim from image #3 and booties are the same as #5. For sizing info refer to the #3 and #5. My jacket is The North Face. The fit is TTS and its amazing! It’s double lined and such a flattering fit. There are snaps on the waist so that you can easily tighten or loosen the fit of the jacket. Love this. Perfect for when you’re wearing a thick sweater underneath or a thin top. You can change the fit according to the under garments.


Okay! Friends, that wraps up the first week of my Instagram round up! I hope this helps answer questions on sizing or how to find the same/similar items I’m posting on Instagram. As always I’d love your input! Be sure to leave a comment with any questions or thoughts on how to improve these posts. After all they’re here as guidance for you!

*This post may contain affiliate links to products I use and love. Read more on my FAQ page.*

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